Don’t Be Fooled By These Five Common Venue Myths

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Selecting and booking special event venues, whether they’re wedding venues or corporate event venues, can be very stressful. You want the perfect location for the perfect price, and you don’t want there to be any problems. While there are a lot of factors to consider, make sure you know the truth behind these common myths before you begin your venue selection process.

  1. Choose Your Date First - In order to ensure you get the perfect special event venue, it’s important to stay flexible with your date, especially if you plan to have you event in popular months like May, June, December, and September, where dates can fill up
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The Only Four Things You Need To Remember When Diamond Ring Shopping

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Are you on the lookout for a new diamond wedding or engagement ring? You’ve already looked at so many different custom engagement rings, but you aren’t sure if you’ve found the absolute perfect one. It can seem pretty daunting at time, but all you have to do is remember the Four Cs!

Cut There are a bunch of different types of cuts when it comes to diamonds, although the round cut (a.k.a. the “brilliant cut”) tends to be the most popular. When a diamond is cut well, the light reflects off its corners perfectly and makes it appear to sparkle.

Clarity It’s pretty rare to find a diamond that doesn’t have any imperfections — most diamonds have small flaws, either on the surface or on the interior. Clarity is usually measured with an intense magnifying glass, because not

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Two Reasons to Start Wearing Camouflage Clothing Right Now

Camouflage party

Did you know that the word ‘camouflage’ actually comes from the French word ‘camoufler,’ which means to disguise or blind? Although camouflage has been used to conceal military forces, tanks, and battleships for nearly two centuries, it is also commonly worn for fashion purposes. In fact, there are several benefits of wearing camo clothing in fashion, as this is a stylish way to dress.

- Many articles of clothing. There are countless clothing varieties available in camo patterns. Camo formal dresses and suit jackets, for instance, are popular camo wedding stuffs. Even camo bathing suits, seat covers, bedding, purses, and shoes are available. Although the traditional purpose of camouflage is to achieve crypsis, whic

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How to Find a Great Botox Clinic

Botox clinics

Ever wanted to get rid of those fine lines and facial wrinkles? Botox treatments are the easiest, most risk free way to smooth out your skin. Because of the low risk and low cost for Botox and fillers, the number of procedures in the United States rose 8% from 2012 to 2013.

Botox cosmetics use the Botulinum toxin, which is a protein and neurotoxin that is produced by a bacteria. Although Botulinum toxin is one of the most lethal toxins known to man, it offers itself as a miracle wrinkle remover by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles and thus relaxing them.

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How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Did you know that the average American spends $5,431 on an engagement ring? This figure is not the standard for ring prices, though, so if you want to find the best ring for your partner, you must follow two important steps. By doing so, you will end up finding the perfect ring for your future spouse.

- Choose the band. The first thing you must do is decide on a metal for the band. Platinum, for example, is one of the most attractive and longest-lasting metals available, while tungsten is often considered to be the strongest metal for a ring band. Even classic gold is available, which is a well-rounded metal to obtain. This means that whether you are interested in gold antique engagement rings, tu

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3 Ways to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Choosing a diamond ring for your partner is a big task. Princess cut, channel setting, split shank halo…it can seem like you’re working with a different language! But the shopping experience doesn’t have to be so stressful, as long as you do your research ahead of time, and keep your priorities in line.

  • Learn Their Style - Keep an eye out to notice your partner’s style in jewelry. Does she like classic, traditional styles? Does he like something a little unconventional? You want to make sure the ring you purchase will be one your partner will want to wear everyday for the rest of his or her life.
  • Keep Your Budget In Mind - The old two-month’s salary saying is out the window nowadays. Basically, buy the nicest ring you can afford without
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Three Reasons to Invest in Custom Uniforms

Custom work shirts

Chances are you’re well aware that there are custom screen printing services out there who can create high quality, custom apparel for just about any occasion, but have you ever stopped to consider the benefits of creating custom tees?

Yes, custom tee shirts make for nice mementos from an event, but they also make for great, stylish uniforms. Here are a few places that custom screen printing services could help you improve.

Your Work.

One of the most obvious reasons to have custom screen printing services whip up some cool, stylish custom

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Camouflage clothing and accessories are a fast growing trend

Camouflage bed sets

The term camouflage typically brings up images of the military or hunters, and for good reason. They are definitely the two most common uses of camouflage apparel, and are completely necessary for those situations. Military personnel and hunters alike both need the ability to hide themselves in their environment for their safety and protection. Being properly hidden is crucial to allow them to accomplish their tasks to the best of their abilities. Although it is typically associated with the military and hunters, camouflage is now also being used in design and fashion. Camouflage clothing and accessories are quickly becoming widely popular, even camouflage purses.

The term “camouflage” originally comes from the French word “camoufler

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What Are The Most Cringe-Worthy Team-Building Exercises?

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Most managers have good intentions when it comes to team-building activities. When it comes down to it, however, some well-meaning team-building experiments can spur not-so-friendly competition, or even make your employees feel grossly uncomfortable. What are some of the weirdest — and most cringe-worthy — corporate team-building exercises to date?

This Team-Building Exercise Redefines Getting Close To Your Boss

In Japan, bathing in natural hot springs with friends and family is not altogether uncommon — and it is customary to bathe in the nude. One Japanese employee reveals that he was forced to do this with his boss, of all people. The exercise reportedly did not violate human resources codes because they only allowed same-sex bathing. Apparently, the a

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Top Ten Extreme Recreational Activities of 2014

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There’s nothing better than going on an outdoor adventure with friends and family (as long as you have the proper outdoor clothing). For those who are the daredevil type, extreme outdoor activities would be right up your alley. Extreme outdoor adventuring is not for the feint of heart; they are physically demanding, yet fulfilling and exhilarating.

The most popular outdoor activities in 2012 were hiking, camping, biking, and fishing. Among these recreational activities, here is a list of the top ten extreme outdoor adventures to try before you die.

  1. River Rafting: Leave the fishing gear and fishing reels at home this time. One of the most popular outdoor adventures to try, whit
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