Love Celebrity Gossip? Read This!

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America loves celebrity gossip, and you can tell by the way it shows up on news sites, conversations at work, and even dinner parties. It seems like people just cannot get enough of the current celeb news and latest entertainment drama. Not only do we love celebrity news in general, but we love the different segments that it can be broken into. For instance, you can now find websites devoted specifically to black gossip, LGBTQ+ gossip, latinx gossip, etc. Below are three of the areas that celebrity gossip seems to center around the most:

Relationships - One of the most talked about celebrity couples on all of the celebrity gossip sites is Beyonce and Jay-Z. Whether it is where they traveled on vacation, what their kids are wearing, or when they are dropping their next album, they are ce

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All The Facts On Botox

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When people think about the concept of makeup, nail polish, and botox, they often believe that these are inventions of the modern world. This is because many people in the modern world believe that older generations and formulations of civilization were too primitive to understand this concept but that is not at all true. As a matter of fact, humanity has a deep history with these types of things.

For over 5,000 years, human beings have been using nail polish for their nails. Nail polish finds it’s origins in China right around 3000 B.C, which stands for Before Christ. The common ingredients used to make this form

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Important Facts About Skin Tone Changes

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A recent survey shows that only 4% of the world’s women believe that they look beautiful. Many people are interested in learning how to get lighter skin, what anti-aging products are best, and how to get rid of dark marks and other blemishes. Read on for all the facts about what causes skin tone changes and how to get lighter skin.

  • What Causes Changes in My Skin?s Color? The top four reasons that people end up with uneven skin tone are sunspots, acne scarring, hormones, and hyper pigmentation. The Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that about 90% of our skin aging changes are due to the sun. Sunspots can show up in people when they’re st

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Flowers Trends and Cultural Significance

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Flowers are beautiful things. They are considered plants, but unlike most plants, they have an array of color and shape, making them perfect for giving to family members at certain times in their lives. They are big on birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. They may also be purchased in large amounts for funerals or Christmas.

There are many statistics surrounding the popularity of flowers at certain days of the year. For instance, to look at Valentine’s day specifically, 73% of flowers are bought by men on Valentine’s Day. 14% of women send themselves flowers on Valentine?s Day. And on Mother’s day, $1.9 billion is spent on flowers for mothers.

For those giving flowers, they may feel like they are trying to make someone feel better or trying to comfort that person in some w

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Temporary Tats for Your Tots Three Tips

Types of glitter temporary tattoos

One of the biggest recent trends in cosmetic fashion is the temporary tattoos. A lot of people love them for the “cool” factor, as well as the freedom to self-express without being tied to a design forever. After all, 23% of people who have a permanent tattoo regret getting it! Not to mention that temporary fashion tattoos let you avoid being one of the 10% of people who get infections or other unpleasant reactions that sometimes come with permanent tattoo. One of the groups most interested in glitter temporary tattoos and other forms of non-permanent tats, though, are the kids! From birthday parties to carnival parties, fund-raisers at school to the city fair, there are many

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How a Reflective Safety Vest Can Save Lives

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A reflective safety vest could save a construction worker’s life when visibility on the roadways is low. Americans dislike traffic that results from roadwork and construction, and yet too often they forget the danger that construction workers subject themselves to in the name of finishing a job. Just over 4,800 workers were killed on the job in 2015, which breaks down to about 13 deaths each day. High visibility workwear is one method of keeping construction workers safe on jobs that are close to oncoming traffic.

Does Safety Workwear Really Make a Difference?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited in 2009 that “[...] road and construction traffic poses an obvious and well-recognized hazard to highway/road construction work zone employees.” It is essential that the risk is

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Finding the Perfect Hair Products Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best

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Your father is a creature of habit.
Even when that habit is difficult.
Your 85 year old father has been using the same hair oil, as he likes to call it, for more than 50 years. With a name brand that is rarely carried in any store, you have found one online supplier who still sells this product. And even though the shipping adds to the price, you have for the last five years been ordering your father cases of this product.
Such a creature of habit that your father knows exactly how many days a single tube of this product will last, he can also tell how long a case will last. As a result, whenever you ship a new case to his door your father makes the calculations and marks on his digital calendar when it will be time to place the next order. Not wanting to waste his money on hair oil that he will

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Promotional Materials For a Strong Company Culture

Custom embroidered hats

Americans like clothes. Americans like clothes that come from the basic $2 at the Dollar Store to $1000s clothes that come from high end designers, look great, and have a designer name associated with them. Americans like so many clothes that often there are at least one piece of clothing for every day of the month.

One statistic, for instance, states that women have a dress for every day of the month in their closet.

About 62% of Americans claim to own more than 10 t-shirts in their wardrobe. That’s roughly 1.5 billion shirts. Add jeans and shorts and other clothes to that number and Americans likely have more billions worth of clothing.

Today, Americans throw away millions of textiles each year. Those textiles could go to clothing those in need, being hand me downs for other friends

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The Beauties of Sea Glass

Sea glass pendant designs

Have you ever found a piece of sea glass on the beach? If so, what did you do with it? Perhaps you kept it in a memory box or started a collection. Maybe you gave your sea glass to your friends as a token of your vacation. Did you ever think about making it into jewelry? There are many types of sea glass necklaces, as well as other types of jewelry that incorporate sea glass, and they can be worn for any number of occasions.

So what really is the sea glass that can be found in all types of sea glass necklaces? Sea glass originally starts out as bottles and other glass products that have been discarded. But this litter transforms into something beautiful as it is smoothed by the constant beating of the waves. The edges become soft and the broken pieces transform into sea glass that washes up on t

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Temporary Tattoos Are All the Rage for Birthday Parties

American flag tattoos

Fashion temporary tattoos of many styles are becoming all the rage for children’s birthday parties! Do you want something that will impress all the children at your next party as well as give them something fun to look forward to? A temporary tattoo is the best go-to to keep children busy for hours! Our metallic tattoos and glitter tattoos will have children looking with awe. They’ll have something to share with their parents over dinner that night as the tattoo becomes a conversation piece.

Fun Facts You Should Know Regarding Temporary Tattoos

Did you know that the FDA defines temporary tattoos as decals that can be used to decorate any part of the body? They usually last somewher

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