What Are the Laptop Radiation Effects I?m Exposed to?

Emf radiation deflector

Recently, there has been more awareness to the effects of laptop radiation that are beginning to plague people. Being released for a little over a decade, laptops revolutionized the world. However, the effects of them couldn?t be conclusively studied since the product had just been released. Years later, scientists have now been able to pinpoint a negative effect of laptops know as Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) or laptop radiation for short.

What Are the Laptop Radiation Effects Associated with Laptops?

One of the most prominent laptop radiation effects people are exposed to are burns. When you sit with a laptop between your legs for too long, you will begin to fe

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From Leather Sails to Leather Totes A History of Practicality and Luxury

Leather bags for men

Did you know that the average consumer wears four leather products at any given time? You probably notice women wearing leather belts and matching boots combined with leather totes (and leather keychains tucked inside). You will probably see men sporting leather messenger bags or backpacks along with leather belts and bracelets, for gentleman with the surfer-dude aesthetic.

While wearing leather is a current fashion statement and a sign of affluence, it is also a practical and luxurious material with a long history. During the Roman Empire, for example, leather was used to make sails for boats. It was also used to make furniture, tents, weapons, and body armor. In Egypt, approximately 1,000 years later, fashionable

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Make a Fashion Statement This Year With Fine Leather Goods!

Ladies leather handbags

Leather has always been a popular material, but it’s recently had an explosion in popularity on fashion runways and in retail stores, emerging in leather pants, skirts, leggings, leather patches on sweaters, shirts, and other accents. Leather has long been desirable as a material for handbags, jackets, and other expensive items. But why is that? How can you choose the right leather items to make a statement but that will endure as classic pieces? How should you be taking care of your leather products to keep them lasting longer and in good condition? Leather can often be a sign of good taste and high quality products, but it’s important to be able to distinguish real leather from the “pleather” (plastic leather) that so often appears in retail stores. If you’re going to buy fine leather goods, whether

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Three Secrets the Commercial Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About Charter Flights

Private jet houston

Are you interested in charter jet services? There are a lot of reasons you might have to travel frequently for work, but one thing is the same for all commercial travelers: it’s a bummer. No one enjoys being herded like cattle through TSA. There’s no dignity in those metal detector scanners. It just so happens that you might find yourself needing more than three ounces of liquids during your trip, forcing you to pay exorbitant fees to check your bags. And all of that just gets you on the plane. Once there, you’re crammed into your seat like a sardine. It’s possible that the designers of airplanes previously worked for the clown act that jammed 73 clowns in single Volkswagen Beetle. The point is, commercial travel is no fun.

However, we digress. The real point of this article is to talk about a way

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How Can the New Beauty Treatments Help You Look and Feel Your Best?

Mole removal

New technology in beauty and health treatments produces results that seem little short of miraculous. Especially for skin treatments that give you smooth, healthy skin, the past few years have seen the development of new methods that far surpass their predecessors. Techniques like laser hair removal, Botox, and microdermabrasion give you a radiant and healthy look which will affect all areas of your life. With the confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best, you are ready for everything life throws at you and then some.

  • Laser hair removal
    Laser hair removal is the most popular beauty treatment for women in the under-35 age group. For women over 35 years of age, it is the second most popular, after Botox. That’s not surprising, given the messy, painful and ineffi
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How to Survive as a Stay at Home Mom


For women, it’s difficult to look our best all the time. The media has convinced the world that make up and skinny bodies and perfect hair is what is necessary but sometimes it just isn’t practical. Stay at home moms are constantly chasing after children, breaking a sweat cleaning, cooking, running errands, attending school games, etc and career women don’t have a lot of time either. However, the difference is that if you have a career, you likely have to get dressed in the morning to go to work. For moms that work full time on the house, husband and kids, taking care of themselves tends to get shoved to the bottom of the priority list.

Something that stay at home moms don’t realize, is this is what can contribute to postpartum depression and even feel stressed and anxious. When you feel good about the way you lo

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Supreme Clothing About More Than Looking Good

Supreme online

Whether or not you want to admit it, the way you look affects the way that people perceive you. For that matter, it affects the way that you see yourself. You might not be completely confident in yourself on a bad day; but you can still be confident in what you’re wearing, and that’s a step in the right direction. But as you’ll see below, our clothes are not just means of getting through life. They can be expressions of creativity and personality as well. Sometimes, it’s just nice to look good, even if it doesn’t have a huge effect on you otherwise. It doesn’t really matter why you want to dress nice — what matters is that you’re able to get the clothes you want and need. Supreme clothing is for people who want to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. And a great thing about

Let Your Wedding Day Sparkle and Shine Brighter than You Dreamed

20 inch sparklers

There are so many beautiful moments in this life that are worth celebrating in style and with flair. And of course, one of the most important among these moments is the moment (and of course the many that follow) that a couple celebrates their lasting love with the bond of marriage. Everyone has their different styles when it comes to different ways to celebrate, but almost all ceremonies have one thing in common: the reveal of the newlyweds.

Whether it is from the church doors or a lovely forest arch or through the sand on a beach, when the happy couple first emerges as married for the first time, it is always great to have a gorgeous, celebratory reception by all the gathered loved ones.

Choosing the props for that magic moment

Some people choose to have guests thro

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The Leather Belt Looks Great and the Price Seems Right, Is It a Good Deal?

Leather wallets for women

Leather is a very popular material for a host of products. In 2007, there were more than 23 billion square feet of leather that was produced. At any given time, you can find most American consumers wearing at least four items (including their wallet) that are made from leather. Throughout the 1980s, leather designs for apparel were led by European designers such as Claude Montana, Versace, Armani, Ungaro, Fendi, Gucci, Alaia, and Hermandegrave;s. Leather belts are very popular accessories and many people around the world wear them.

When you are shopping for gifts or for yourself, it is not uncommon to find an item that you think you could get elsewhere for a cheaper and better price. You may find a leather belt,

Clothing Companies Hope to Reach National Sustainability

Clothes donation

Eileen Fisher, Inc., a New York City clothing company, is collecting used clothing to be recycled into newer products.

“Our goal was to find techniques that minimize waste and preserve the inherent value of Eileen Fisher’s materials,” said Carmen Gama, winner of the Social Innovator Award, who, along with Teslin Doud and Lucy Jones, helped design new sustainable products from recycled clothes. “They’re so beautiful they can easily have a second and maybe third life.”

According to SustainableBrands, GREEN EILEEN, Fisher’s program that collects, designs and distributes recycled clothing also donates its profits to organizations that support women and girls in New York, Seattle and around the globe. GREEN EILEED has donated more than $2 million and has recycled 500,000 garments.

“Along with their

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