Why Faux Leather Keychains and Other Faux Leather Goods Are the Way to Go

Leather messenger bag

It’s often been said that there’s nothing new under the sun, and it’s easy to see why. This is especially true when it comes to fashion, as styles and trends continued to be recycled time and time again throughout different time periods. Just think about it; how many times has a seemingly tacky trend such as the bright blue eye shadow made famous — or infamous — during 1980s appear years later only to be considered en vogue all over again? Trends in fashion are constantly reinvented to reflect the times while subtly retaining some of their originality. This is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of fashion, because although nothing is technically new, it’s always made new in different way.

Then there are those trends that seem to never go out of style. They’ve always been fashionable and a

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Is Plastic Surgery Right For You?

Laser skin resurfacing los angeles

Have you ever thought about and seriously considered plastic surgery? Do you ever look in the mirror and see a part of you that you hate? You have probably tried to accept it and learn to live with it, but you have noticed that it affects your self confidence and the way you live your life. You may choose to not communicate as openly with people because you are self conscious or you might not wear the type of clothing you want to, because you are not comfortable with it. You probably wondered what the risks of plastic surgery are and how much it will cost you. You have probably questioned if it will really even work, and for

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From Fillers To Plasma Injections Looking More Youthful

Botox los angeles

Everyone wants to look young for as long as possible. There is no shame in the pursuit of youth. For one thing, those who look young are more likely to have higher self esteem. If you look young, there is a good chance that psychologically, you will feel younger. However, there is more to it than that. The process of keeping yourself looking younger and more vibrant often involves diet and exercise, among other healthy habits. Therefore, this process will likely keep you physically healthy as well. Those who look younger may have a better chance at achieving professional success, and may have the higher levels of confidence that make social activities easier. Luckily, there are many different options for those seeking a more youthful appearance. Everyone has different needs in terms of looking young

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6 Unique Family Photography Ideas to Create Epic Family Photos

Panama city fl photography

Walk into an average family home and you’re likely to find around 5,000 photographs. Sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Just think of all the photo albums stashed away in your bookshelves, the pictures crowding your mantel piece, the family portraits hanging on the walls, and it’s becomes less hard to fathom.

Every two minutes, we (as in humankind) click as many photographs as were taken in the entirety of the 19th century. Across the globe, it’s estimated that there are around 3.8 trillion photographs in all. Photography is an integral part of our lives. We invite professional photographers into our homes and biggest life moments. Our children’s liv

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3 Ways to Rock Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Leather belts

Who doesn’t love leather? At any given moment, the average American consumer is wearing four different leather-based products, from wallets and jackets to ubiquitous leather belts.

But in summer, the leather look can be a little, well, warm. You might ditch the jacket under the sun, but there are some fine leather goods that never go out of season: namely, leather messenger bags for men. They’re functional in multiple ways: room to carry all of your stuff, a strap to carry over your shoulder, and durable material to see you through the years.

Don’t shove all your leather into the closet just because the sun is out! Here are the top three ways for guys to get the m

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Time for a New Bike? Here’s How to Pick the Right Bike for You

Used skis boston

Biking season is officially here. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner, the nice weather is a great motivator to get up and get outside. However, with the advent of a new cycling season often comes the need for a new bike. If you’re a beginner cyclist and unsure of what type of bike will benefit you the most, here’s a short guide to the most common types of bikes available to you.

Road Bikes

As their name suggests, these bikes are designed to conquer paved roads far and wide. Equipped with lightweight frames, skinny tires, and dropped handlebars, these bikes are designed to help give you maximum speed for minimum effort. In addition, the design lends itself to more aerodynamic travel. They are typically used for racing, but are often used by more casual cyclists who e

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5 Tips For Healthy Skin This Summer


Summer is finally here and we’re all busting out in our favorite bikinis and swim trunks, eager to get to the beach and get a glowing tan. But not so fast! Sun exposure without proper precautions is a fast track to skin disorders, including fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, and other sun damage.
So how do you keep your skin beautiful and healthy all summer long? Read these 5 tips to find out:

Protect your skin from sun damage
One of the most important things to do when taking care of your skin is keeping it out of harmful UV rays’ way. A lifetime of sun exposure can leave you with sun spots, wrinkles, and other

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3 Reasons to Consider Laptop Radiation Protection

Emf protection for cordless phones

As technology continues to improve and advance many new and exciting development constantly emerge. We can communicate with people on the other side of the world through various different means, travel long distances in minutes or hours, and a plethora of other activities that simply weren’t possible 20, 10, even five years ago in some cases. For all the good technology does, there are some potential downsides too.

One of those is electromagnetic fields (EMFs). As technology continues to grow, so too does the EMF dangers like laptop radiation effects and cordless phone radiation. Despite a large amount

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3 Things Custom Jet Charter Services Should Offer

Private jet charter companies

Traveling the world can be an extremely fun and exciting adventure, but it can also be stressful, uncomfortable, and all-around agonizing under the wrong circumstances. That’s why more and more people who can afford ti are turning to custom jet charter services. Private aircraft charter services used to be reserved only for the wealthiest of the wealthy, but recent advances in technology and increase in incomes overall has opened to the door of this truly unique experience to a host of new clients.

There are more than 2,100 operators of custom jet charter services across the country. These charter operators are required to hold specific certifications including an Air Carrier or Commercia

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Avoid These Common Wedding Day Mistakes With Smoke Free Sparklers

Wedding sparklers

A wedding day is one of — if not the — single most important days in a person’s life an marks a major personal milestone. But for how big and major a wedding day ceremony is, it’s all the small, minor details of planning the perfect day that seem to have some of the greatest impact. After all, isn’t it always said that the devil is in the details? Right! And if there’s anywhere that this sentiment rings especially true, it’s wedding planning.

In between finding something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, brides and grooms to be as well as their respective families have a lot on their plate. After taking care of all the big ticket items such as the dress, the venue, who will be in the wedding party, and who’s on the guest list, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. What

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