Do You Have a Fun Weekend Get Together Coming Up?

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The group of women had planned their get together for months. Traveling from St. Joe, Missouri; Omaha, Nebraska; Denver, Colorado; and Hays, Kansas, the plan was to meet for a three day weekend at the exciting location of Tampa, Florida. Still cool in the evenings because it is just February, the day time highs on the beach are supposed to reach the high 80s or low 90s.
A weekend away from spouses and their children, the ladies are simply excited to spend some uninterrupted time together. Although the college group of friends initially did a great job of getting together twice a year after their graduation 30 years ago, lately it has been difficult. Busy work schedules, as well as their children’s sports and activities, made getting together as a whole group impossible. Finally, the girls decided they wou

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Fun Ways To Use Sparklers At Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding is no small feat. There are flowers to arrange, invitations to send out, dresses to be tailored and that’s only a small fraction of the to-do list. But planning a wedding is also your chance to make your special day the most fun and memorable for both you and your guests. One way to do that is by incorporating sparklers into your wedding or reception events. Here are a few unique ideas to use sparklers to make your wedding one to remember:

For the wedding send off

A wedding sparkler send off has grown in popularity recently for obvious reasons. It’s exciting for everyone involved and makes for beauti

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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Instagram

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With the rise of mobile smart devices and apps like Instagram and Picasa, now everyone is able to artistically express themselves through photography. For businesses, this accessibility has become especially useful, as social media has changed and accelerated the way that we share ideas, images, and even dreams.
Her eare some important facts about image sharing and social media that will help to provide perspective:

  • Individuals who use the internet share as many as 18 billion images a day
  • There are 300 million active users on Instagram and they share over 70 million photos a day
  • On Facebook, users share up to 350 million photos a day
  • When you begin to consider these facts, social media marketing no longer seems as easy as you initially thought, rig

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    Three Ways You Can Trim Hundreds Off Your Wedding Expenses

    wedding tableclothsWeddings are not a cheap event. A 2011 Real Weddings Survey showed that the 18,000 U.S. couples who got married spent an average of $26,984. Another survey, taken in 2013, showed that the average amount spent per wedding guest was $196. While there are some out there who will spare no expense for their big day, other couples may find themselves in trouble while trying to plan a great wedding that won’t leave them bankrupt. Here are a few tips on how to cut down expenses for a thrifty couple.

    Food can easily be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. With hundreds of hungry wedding guests, food expenses can easily add up to several thousands of dollars. Instead of opting for a sit-down meal, consider ordering a buffet, which can help keep guests happy and costs down...

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    In a Selfie World, the Pro Photo Still Wins

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    It may seem like selfies and impromptu cell phone photos are drowning out classic photography in online marketing and social media, but professional photography is still powerful and valuable. Every day, people on Instagram share 70 million photos, and throughout the whole Internet system, 1.8 billion photos are shared daily. Among all of this, photos taken by professionals are twice as likely to be shared as ones taken by amateurs, and a study shows that people are able to tell if a photo is professional 90% of the time.

    Retouching services for professional photographers further the value of great photography, especially in something like real estate. For people looking to buy a house, 92% use the Internet as their primary search, and the photo is the first thing they look at. Many h

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    Are You Ready to Make Rental Choices for Your Upcoming Wedding?

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    Some details are difficult to solve when you are planning a wedding; others are simple. Making the decision to find chair cover rental options is something that even the father of the bride can take care of. Other decisions, like the seating arrangement for the wedding reception can take hours of planning and the consultation of both sides of the family.
    Where are you in the wedding planning process? Have you made all of the necessary decisions about renting table linens and chair cover rental choices? Have you at least crossed off all of the reception party basics that simply required decisions about color and texture? Or are you still overwhelmed by every little decision that you must make bef

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    Essential Outdoor Clothing Layering Information

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    Whether you are an avid camper or climber, the proper outdoor clothing is essential to your comfort. Those who go camping spend an average of 14.9 days away, whether it is in a yurt, bivy, RV, tent, or cabin so it is important that you stay dry, warm, and comfortable the entire time. Furthermore, by layering the clothing, you are able to make fast adjustments based on what type of activity you are doing or if unexpected weather arises.

    In 2014, the two most frequently bought types of camping equipment in sporting goods stores were sleeping bags and backpacks. The total amount spend in 2014 for camping equipment in the Uni

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    What If Every Day Was Pajama Day?

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    It is the perfect Christmas gift idea for your adult cousins and their children. Adult onesie pajamas for your generation, and child size pajamas for the younger crowd. It is one of the first Christmas holiday seasons that the whole group has not been able to gather together so this fun gift idea seems like the perfect solution. Not only is it a fun idea, it has been fun to help your grandma organize the surprise. The gifts, which will arrive in advance of the holiday, are going to be delivered with a special note. Each family is assigned a time to open their gifts when they are to facetime grandma so she can be in on the surprise. Then, each family is asked to email a picture of their family dressed in their gifts so that Grandma wakes up to the photos on Christmas morning. Not exactly like being toget

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    Meeting the One Online Can Be Scary or Safe, Depending Where You Look

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    The digital age has arrived, and more people are getting comfortable with or accustomed to the idea of online matchmaking. With so many people surfing the Web, it’s easy to meet an array of individuals everyday who inspire, entertain, and even intrigue us. But are these people who they say they are? In some cases, the charming individuals portrayed in the virtual world are far different from the people they are in real life.

    That is the reality of dating online.

    Are Dating Sites Safe?

    Many people believe that online dating is safe, and 59% say it’s a good way to meet new people. Most who are active in the online scene have personally met someone they first made contact with online, and 66% have dated those they met through a dating w

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    Shopping Seems to be One of America’s Favorite Activities

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    The two sisters were anxious to get together. Separated by nearly 750 miles when the older sister left for college, the girls were excited to get to spend the first weekend together in three months. After growing up four years apart in age, and with only a shared bathroom separating their bedrooms, until this year they had always shared laughter and tears, secrets and dreams, clothing and shoes. As the younger sister made the plane trip to visit her sister in college, she had all of the money she had earned teaching piano lessons, as well as the extra money for food and shopping her parents had given her. First thing on the list would be a quick dinner together and then a nice leisurely shopping trip.
    Whether the two sisters find themselves looking for fashion tops for juniors or Next Page