Clothing Companies Hope to Reach National Sustainability

Clothes donation

Eileen Fisher, Inc., a New York City clothing company, is collecting used clothing to be recycled into newer products.

“Our goal was to find techniques that minimize waste and preserve the inherent value of Eileen Fisher’s materials,” said Carmen Gama, winner of the Social Innovator Award, who, along with Teslin Doud and Lucy Jones, helped design new sustainable products from recycled clothes. “They’re so beautiful they can easily have a second and maybe third life.”

According to SustainableBrands, GREEN EILEEN, Fisher’s program that collects, designs and distributes recycled clothing also donates its profits to organizations that support women and girls in New York, Seattle and around the globe. GREEN EILEED has donated more than $2 million and has recycled 500,000 garments.

“Along with their

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5 Ways to Help Veterans in Need

Military charities

It is hard to imagine the life of a veteran. They have come back from a violence-ridden war zone, and they have seen things that are impossible to imagine. Sometimes when they come back to the states, it can be hard for them to adjust into the life of an average citizen. So that is where we step in to help. There are many veterans charities that are put in place to aid veterans once they come home, but these military support organizations need more than you think. Looking to help out in any way that you can? Here are five ways you can help a veteran in need.

1. Give them a car ride

This is especially important if they suffer from any medical conditions from the war,

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Two Billion T Shirts Can’t be Wrong

Spirit wear fundraiser

Two billion. That’s the number of t-shirts sold each year worldwide. It’s easy to see why – they’re convenient, come in a number of unique designs, and are easy-care. They’re a worldwide favorite in casual wear. In spite of their ubiquity, they allow allow the wearer to express individual taste, affiliation and messages. It’s no wonder that t-shirts have also become a favorite medium of expression. From the home-made tie-dyed versions of the ’60s to the t shirts for fundraising that we see today, it’s a way to express what you stand for. From school spirit tshirts to custom company shirts, it’s the best way to identify your team members.

  • School spirit apparel
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Make Your Feet Happy While Wearing Composite Toe Boots with These 5 Tips

Work boots

When our feet hurt, are cold or are just uncomfortable, nothing seems to go right. This is as true when you are hiking the Appalachian Trail or when you are walking around a job site. The great thing about composite toe boots is that they protect your feet. The bad thing is that they are not always the most comfortable footwear on the market. There are things you can do to make the experience of wearing composite toe boots better.

  1. Make sure the boots fit correctly. One of the main kets to getting comfortable work boots is getting footwear that fits your feet. When you are shopping for the best steel toe boots, take your time. You are going to wear the
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Getting Up and Getting on the Go

Walking boots

Human beings were meant to be on the move. We were not born as a stationary species. We were meant to employ our abilities to run and jump and climb. And yet we have evolved to be quite sedentary, with many occupations requiring hours upon hours of sitting. Not all jobs require this inactive status, but apart from the job, recreationally there is a lot of sitting going on as well, whether from behind a computer, in front of the television or video games, or just relaxing after a long day of work.

Turning fatigue into motivation
While there is nothing wrong with catching up on rest and relaxation time, there is certainly something to be said for getting up and getting moving, yes, even if you are tired from work or the other stresses of life. Too often, people get into unhealthy

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Get the Best Diamond You Can with These 3 Tips

Sell diamond jewelry

A diamond is made of the hardest material found on the planet. Formed by years of heat and pressure placed on a piece of carbon, they have to symbolize something that lasts forever. From Marilyn Monroe telling the world that “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” to James Bonds, “Diamonds Are Forever,” a diamond is more than a material for jewelry or industry, it represents glamour for many and everlasting love for many more. Globally, 130 million carats of diamonds are plucked out of mines. Their creation goes back 3.3 billion years when they began to be formed inside the earth thanks to pressure and heat. When people go diamond shopping they expect to spend more than $1,000. For most diamond buyers, there is a way to save some money while getting a great diamond.

Get more by getting less.

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Three Ways to Take Care of Your Cowhide Rug

Cowhide patchwork rug

Though most of the time they rest below our feet and get stepped on daily, good rugs and carpets are not to be taken for granted. Not only do rugs keep us from slipping on hardwood floors, they can also add a lot to a room in terms of aesthetic value. And if you’re wondering whether carpets and rugs have gone out of style, over half (51%) of the U.S. flooring market depends on carpet!

When it comes to rugs, there is a lot to choose from in terms of material, pattern, color, shape, and size. For instance, you could go for simple, single-color rectangular rug or get more adventurous with chevron rug, perhaps a

Will You Marry Me?

Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores

Engagement rings have long been a beautiful and romantic symbol of the promise of two people to wed one another. The tradition of giving one’s financee a ring began in 1477 when Maximilian of Austria gave his lady, Mary of Burgundy, custom jewelry, a ring, beautifully crafted by a jeweler. Even today, in our generation, millennials of both genders are giving bridal jewelry to their prospective spouses. These days they are much more relaxed about using diamonds and gems created in a laboratory, as opposed naturally formed gemstones, than older generations, but the tradition still stands.

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Wedding Reception Linens and Their Styles

Wedding tablecloths

You’ve found your soulmate and you could not be more excited to start your lives together, but wedding planning can be stressful for everyone. As the bride, you have to pick out the perfect dress, venue, and menu. You also have to keep your budget in mind, while still inviting all your friends and family to witness your big day. The theme of your wedding and your color scheme may be the most prominent aspect of the whole day, one that will be remembered through bridesmaid dresses and pictures. Your chosen color scheme will come out in many ways, including your wedding reception linens. These wedding reception linens can tie together your whole style. Although you may be renting these tablecloths, it is important to stick to your style to create your perfect day. Determining where to rent wedding reception

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Become a Part of the Solution Instead of Piling Onto the Problem

Charitable clothing donations

The society in which we live can seem at times to be incredibly fractured. There are issues we face on a daily basis that make mothers and fathers afraid for their sons and daughters and make some people feel like there is no hope for a solution. Some groups of people face many of these issues more severely than others do. While some of us think that we can just tune out the negativity, there are others who must live with it day in and day out, and the truth is that we can only ignore the problems that we as a society have created for only so long before we are faced with the dire consequences. Thankfully, there are ways for us as individuals and collectively as a society to help turn things around for the better.

Charitable donations and having a social conscience <

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