3 Essential Items Every Beginning Archer Needs

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Archery was once thought of as more of a way to survive, rather than a sport. In modern times, archery is a sport with many competitors as well as a viable hunting method. In fact, statistics show that the average hunter spends about $1,638 annually to fund their sport of choice. If you’re wanting to become a great archer, it’s wise to visit an archery shop for a few essential supplies. Here are three essential pieces of archery equipment every beginning archer needs to have.

  1. Armguards

    Firing a bow makes the bowstring rapidly push forward. In certain circumstances, a string moving too fast can make contact with an archer’s arm. If you’re wanting to keep your arms safe from the sting of a bowstring, it’s best to get yourself armguards. Best of all, many armguards are going to be inexpensive investments to keep your arms protected. You’ll likely be able to find a wide range of armguards at an archery shop.
  2. Archery Gloves

    Firing a bow involves pulling back a bowstring with your hand. The stress caused by firing a bow allows an archer to develop new muscle, especially in the shoulders, back, and chest areas. However, beginner archers will realize that pulling back a bowstring for the first time can be harder than expected. A bowstring must be pulled back far in order to create tension needed to shoot an arrow long distances. With that in mind, picking up a pair of archery gloves will help ensure your hands stay protected from friction caused by continually pulling back a bowstring. Gloves are one of the wisest purchases to make when looking at archery equipment for beginners.
  3. Quiver

    The quiver is one of the most useful archery supplies to purchase. No archer wants to carry around their arrows in their hands. Not only that, failing to keep arrows properly protected could lead to them becoming bent. Considering that, it’s best to have a quiver to take with you while you’re using your bow. Quivers are types of pouches made to hold large amounts of arrows. A sporting goods store tends to carry quivers that can be worn on either the side or back.

To summarize, there are several important pieces of equipment that every new archer needs to have. As a bow is fired, the bowstring rapidly pushes forward an arrow. Considering that, Armguards work well to keep your arms protected from a fired off bowstring. Repeatedly pulling a bowstring back can cause an archer’s hand to become pained and irritated. With that in mind, archery gloves fully protect the hands and fingers of an archer which allows them to continue shooting. A quiver is a pouch that is used to keep arrows organized and protected. If you’re unsure of where to begin looking for new archery items, it’s wise to check out an archery shop.

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