3 Reasons to Dress for Success in the Workplace

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Landing a new job is a great feeling. It’s likely that you’re preparing to show up for your upcoming first day of work. You’ll want to know how important it is to dress nicely on the job. Statistics show that visual cues are three to five times more powerful than audio cues. Here are three important reasons to dress for success on your first day of work.

  • First Impressions are Everything

    Numerous studies have found that first impressions are formed within seven to 17 seconds of meeting someone. Many new employees spend their first day meeting other employees. In many cases, managers want to sit down and meet with new employees. Wearing leather oxford shoes for men is a great way to impress those around you. Purchasing a shoe tree will provide 10 times the lifespan of mens leather shoes compared to storing them in another manner.
  • Dressing Well is Linked to Feeling Well

    What you wear plays a huge part in your overall confidence. People who aren’t dressed professionally will hardly feel like professional employees. Many people that dress well receive compliments from other workers. One great way to add style and class to your wardrobe is with designer leather belts. A leather belt is a timeless piece of attire that can be used with almost any outfit. If you’re constantly fumbling with your attire, you’re not going to feel very good about yourself. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes can have you fumbling around the office. Leather oxford shoes for men provide a nice fit while keeping you looking like a true professional.
  • Lets Company Know You Care

    Dressing well shows those at your new job that you care about your appearance. There will come a time where management needs to promote workers. In many cases, the company will want a worker to promote that represent their business in a professional manner. No workers showing up dressed casually are likely to receive that big promotion. It’s important to do everything possible to get ahead in the workplace which includes dressing well.

In closing, dressing for success in the workplace is extremely important. You never want to show up for work looking too casual, especially on your first day. Your first day of work will be filled with meeting fellow employees and managers. Studies show your new workers will form an impression of you within seconds, making dressing well essential. Leather oxford shoes for men are a great addition to any work wardrobe. Many studies find that the way you dress is strongly linked to how you feel. Putting effort into your wardrobe reflects that you care about your position, something managers are sure to notice.

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