3 Trendy Hair Styles Top Salons are Experimenting With

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Did you know that 25% of women have changed their hair style for the purpose of reinventing themselves? Hair is an important part of our everyday life. Chances are, you give a lot of thought to how it?s going to look whether you?re going out, or simply going to work.

Almost 40% of women have said that they change up their hairstyle in order to feel more confident. And why not! A new cut can give you the confidence you need to move forward, whether it?s in a relationship, a job, or a personal challenge — while looking great.

You may have been Googling ?Indianapolis hair salons? for ideas of places to get your cut. But exactly what should you be asking for when you get there? Here are a few common trends right now that beauty salons in Indianapolis are experimenting with every week.

That Short Bob

For girls looking for a Gatsby-inspired haircut, the bob is back — ask your hairstylist to cut your hair to cheekbone length. This look is poised to be big this year thanks to its versatility and general ?It Girl? popularity. Just because it?s a throwback look, though, doesn?t mean it needs to look dated — instead of having it perfectly coiffed like a roaring 20s gal, instead opt for a more tousled, natural look.

Bangs are Still Bae

According to Refinery 29, bangs remain a must try for the fashionable woman. Right now, curly fringes are in — bold bangs can really work to define your face, and your style. Texture is the way to go, playing up curls and waves rather than tamping them down. The key is to not have them cut ?like bangs? but instead blend fairly naturally into the rest of your hairstyle. If your hair is naturally straight, a more traditional approach to bangs is always in season.

Long, Textured Layers

Not everyone wants to lob off their hair, and this is understandable. What you might want to try this year when you go to your beauty salons is additional face framing layers — this helps to add movement and move your hair away from feeling like it?s a straight, boring cut. A longer, textured haircut will allow you to play around with numerous trends, whether it?s pin curls or ?bronde? (some blond in the front, but brown in the back — a toned down version of the balayage highlights.

Whether you’re looking for a new look to get you ready for spring or more specifically, a wedding hair stylist Indianapolis, there are a ton of fresh trends worth trying out for 2016. Just remember, even the best beauty salons can’t read your mind — so know what you want, and come prepared! More like this article.

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