5 Helpful Tips for Eliminating Frizzy Hair


Hair is a truly amazing part of the human body. Human hair can expand to 30% of its length while wet. Many women know that a certain problem affects their hair after it starts to dry. Nearly every woman knows how annoying frizzy can be to deal with. You’ll find that frizzy hair is often the result of your hair lacking moisture. There are many things that can cause hair to become frizzy. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to avoid the elements, meaning you’ll need a plan to attack frizzy hair. Here are five helpful ways to maintain frizzy hair.

  1. Stop Shampooing Your Hair Daily

    It’s a common misconception that you need to shampoo your hair daily. Shampooing your hair every day can actually remove natural oils from your scalp. You need these natural oils in order to keep hair manageable. Someone with naturally frizzy hair that uses shampoo every day is often doing more harm than good. You don’t need to stop using shampoo but may need to reduce the number of times it is applied per week.
  2. Be Sure to Condition Your Hair

    One of the best hair maintenance tips to combat frizzy hair is by ensuring it stays hydrated. Dried hair is highly susceptible to becoming frizzy. It’s wise to apply conditioner to your hair while you’re getting ready. Some prefer to apply conditioner to the middle part of their hair to avoid it weighing them down. You’ll find hair styling to be nearly impossible if it’s too heavy. It’s best to look for a conditioner with hydrating ingredients including glycerin and coconut oil.
  3. Minimize Use of a Hair Dryer

    Many of us live at a fast pace. Statistics show that the average woman spends three hours a week washing, drying, and styling her hair. It’s understandable that you might not have hours to get ready every morning, making it necessary to use a hair dryer. However, using a hair dryer for too long can instantly dry your hair out. You’ll likely find that you aren’t out of the front door before your hair appears frizzy. Instead, only use the hair dryer for a few minutes and let your hair naturally air dry.
  4. Keep a Few Supplies Handy for Emergency Hair Maintenance

    No woman wants to find herself dealing with a frizzy hair day with no way to stop it. It’s wise to ensure you include a few helpful ingredients to combat frizz as it happens. There are many products that are made for touching up frizzy hair. If your hair is naturally straight, you should only need to apply a light spray product. Someone with naturally curly hair may need to apply a thicker lotion type product to the hair. Statistics show that hair grows, on average, .3-.5 millimeters each day, don’t forget to purchase a few backup products.
  5. Combine Oil with Flat Ironing

    If you’ve got a bit of extra time in the mornings, it’s wise to apply this two step system to combat frizz. First, you’ll want to utilize a hair oil that is made to keep moisture within hair follicles. You’ll want to give your hair time to naturally dry. After you’ve dried your hair, you can use a flat iron on your hair. Use of a flat iron, after applying hair oil, will help create a seal that locks in moisture.

In closing, there are several great ways to stop frizzy hair from ruining your day. One great hair maintenance tip for frizzy hair is to reduce how often it is shampooed. It’s important to use conditioner at least a few times per week. Many women utilize hair maintenance by using a hair dryer. Unfortunately, using a hair dryer for too long can dry out hair which makes it become frizzy. Keeping a few hair care supplies including sprays and lotions in your purse for reducing frizz is a wise idea. Combining the use of hair oils and a flat iron works well to lock in moisture into your hair. Frizzy hair can be annoying but that doesn’t mean you can’t control it by following a few steps. If you’re still unable to manage frizzy hair, it’s wise to consider visiting a hair salon.

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