6 Unique Family Photography Ideas to Create Epic Family Photos

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Walk into an average family home and you’re likely to find around 5,000 photographs. Sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Just think of all the photo albums stashed away in your bookshelves, the pictures crowding your mantel piece, the family portraits hanging on the walls, and it’s becomes less hard to fathom.

Every two minutes, we (as in humankind) click as many photographs as were taken in the entirety of the 19th century. Across the globe, it’s estimated that there are around 3.8 trillion photographs in all. Photography is an integral part of our lives. We invite professional photographers into our homes and biggest life moments. Our children’s lives are documented through the lens of our digital cameras (now through the lens of our smartphones, but you get the idea).

In a lot of ways, the style of the photos we take has evolved as much as the technology of photography itself. Gone are the stiff-backed, formal portraits of the 19th century. Today it’s about catching life in the act and capturing subjects unawares. Who wants to stare at a formal portrait of blankly smiling faces when you could instead gaze at one of Dad tossing Jill in the air while Mom pushes Jack on the swing? The photographs of today are living, breathing things in themselves. They tell a story: the story of your family.

This summer, grab your local family photographer and take your family portraits to a whole new level with these family photography ideas:

  1. Depose the pose

    We said it before and we’ll say it again: if you want your family portraits to jump off the page, scrap the staged poses. That doesn’t mean you have to let the kids run wild and just hope your family photographer is quick enough to catch them mid-gallop; it’s possible to organize everyone without micromanaging their every finger placement. Gather in front of your home, around (or in) a tree, or at a local park and let life’s natural interactions take their course.
  2. Make it fun for the whole family

    Photo sessions don’t have to be a drag. Al contraire: for the best results, everyone involved should be enjoying themselves. Especially when kids are involved, making the photo session fun and interactive is essential because if there’s one thing kids can’t do it’s lie with their faces. Besides, if the kids are having fun, everyone’s (from the photographer’s to Mom and Dad’s) lives will be easier.
  3. Candor through candid

    This one’s probably obvious enough but candid photography is The New Thing for family photos. You can take the above two tenets and set a stage of sorts by gathering everyone around a point of interest (think fish pond, tree swing, park) and letting your natural family interactions guide the shoot.
  4. Think Mount Rushmore

    All this candid, natural, and fun advice is great only so far as it results in a nice shot of everyone. The trick to getting Mom, Dad, Billy, Bobby, Briana, and Beau all in-focus and in one shot is to keep their heads level. Have Mom and Dad sit or kneel to be closer to the kids’ head height. Or find a way to raise the kids up. This will help keep everyone in focus and close enough together to let your photographer capture each expression.
  5. “Stolen” moments

    A great way to add intimacy to family photography is to create the impression of stolen moments. Ask your photographer to shoot photos as if he or she’s peeking in on you. While he or she’s “peeking,” just remember to stay natural and act happy. It doesn’t work as well if the photographer steals a moment of you scowling at him while he hides behind a bush.
  6. Make the Impossible Possible

    Really want to up the ante on your family photography sessions? Put some photo editing software to use. You can combine elements of one photo with those of another to create a whole new surreal experience. Remember when Dad was tossing Jill? Well, what if Jill kept flying but beneath her was Jack on his swing instead of Dad’s open arms? Just an idea. Take some action shots and see where mix-matching leads you.

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