9 Ways to Make Your Home Look and Feel More Luxurious

High end modern furniture

We all like a little luxury in our lives and in our homes .You can get that a number of ways. From having high end living room furniture and luxury Italian homeware and by placing the high end gifts around your home to proper placement of those items, you can make your home look and feel more luxurious.

  1. Less is more. When it comes to home design, the more minimal your design is, the better. When a living room looks cluttered, it does not look and feel luxurious. If you have even high end gifts laying about, your space will look cluttered. Tame the clutter and you will will make the space look better and feel more luxurious.
  2. Repaint your home. Few things have more of an impact as quickly as a new color or even just a coat of paint that is fresh will make a difference in your home. This will have a more dramatic impact on the look and feel of your home than even a new set of Italian living room furniture. Spend some time thinking about the color you want. It is easy to be impulsive, which can be ok when you are buying high end gifts but not so great when you are picking paint color. If you have a smaller space, go with lighter colors.
  3. Switch out your lighting fixtures. There are a lot of new and find kinds of lighting fixtures you can choose from. Be bold and have some fun with your lighting options. You can use the lights in a room to draw attention to a certain area. Even new lampshades can give a room a totally new look and feel.
  4. Buy more mirrors. Mirrors can do a lot to brighten up any space. If you have a smaller space and you place your mirrors in the right way, they can lighten it up and make it feel larger. Experts in interior design recommend putting them across from the entrance to the home. This makes it look a lot larger than it is. Framing your mirrors with picture frames gives them a classy look that will enhance the look of your home.
  5. Put your curtains higher than you normally do. By hanging your curtains higher than you normally do. This will give your home the look of having ceilings that are higher than they actually are. This will also make your entire home feel a bit larger.
  6. Make it all go together. If all of the frames for your pictures match, it will look a lot more luxurious. Some of the best high end gifts are matching silver or gold frames. They can add class and style to any home. This does not mean that they have to be the same.
  7. Accessorize with large pillows. Yes, luxury Italian sofas look luxurious but that look and feel is augmented by the addition of large throw pillows. They just add a lot more to a room than small ones. Another option is to have a variety of pillows from large to medium to small. Play around with pillows you have in your home to get the feel you want.
  8. Texture adds luxury. When you get your pillows, look to fabrics that add some texture to the piece of furniture. Go with silk or crushed velvet. Get rugs with a print. Throw in a few items that are a more vibrant color. Make sure it goes with the color palette of the room but do not be afraid to have a vibrant green or blue pillow in with more muted shades.
  9. Bring in some flowers. It is hard to overstate the impact fresh flowers will have on your home. When you are at the supermarket, pick up some fresh flowers and place them out on your dinner table or in your living room. They have a way of brightening any room or living space. They do this a few ways. They look great but they also smell great. Both work to make your home look and feel more luxurious.

There are a lot of ways we can bring luxury into our homes and our lives. Some of them are much more simple than we may realize.

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