A History of Engagement Rings and 2017 Trends

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Bling. Diamond-encrusted. Solitaire. Halo.

These are words or phrases that describe a particular feature of a significant and lifetime jewelry piece: the engagement ring. The engagement ring, which is generally given during the marriage proposal or right after the proposal (if it is accepted), is a symbol of union–a bolstering of a committed relationship.

While the average price of an engagement ring is approximately %5,600, many wedding rings are more affordable than that, or more expensive. And while many who propose try for the single solitaire diamond, with its classic design, many operate for more specialized engagement rings–incorporating halos and other colored gems.

Specialty jewelers generate more than 43% of the jewelry industry’s sales in the United States. Europe, China, and the United States are the top three markets for a subset of specialty jewelry–the luxury jewelry. And engagement rings are in-demand too.

Approximately 29% of Tiffany and Company’s worldwide sales come from engagement and wedding jewelry sales. Diamond engagement ring accounted for an estimated $5 billion of U.S. jewelry sales in 2012. Jewelry in the form of engagement rings started well before us, at least two three thousand years ago.

While some speculate that the origin of the engagement ring started with the Ancient Egyptians, historians and scholars have determined that the earliest record of engagement rings–and the practice itself–started in the Roman Empire. Brides-to-be–generally of wealth and status–were given two rings, each to be worn on the third finger of the left hand.

The rings were made of iron and gold. The gold ring was meant to be worn out in public, while the iron ring was supposed to be worn while completing household duties. While these rings were initially for the wealthy, eventually the tradition was passed down as far as the freepersons.

The tradition of wearing the rings on the third finger of the left hand was started in Rome as well. The finger was thought to be the pathway to the heart.

The tradition continued, primarily in Western society and cultures, all through the middle ages, the Renaissance, 19th century England, and into the 20th century. It is remarkable that today engagement rings are considered a must-have for individuals looking to propose. This is because after World War I and the Great Depression, the popularity of engagement rings fell in a steep decline.

Around 1939, the diamond company De Beers started an advertising campaign aimed at educating Americans about the four C’s of diamonds (cut, carats, color, and clarity), which determined the value of the diamond selected for engagement. De Beers also coined the slogan “a diamond is forever”.

Today, when a groom feel it’s time to propose, he or she may go to a jewelry store and pick out an engagement ring, which is often a solitaire diamond. While diamond jewelry is popular, the groom may feel like it’s too bland and not reflective of her personality. He may decide then to look at custom engagement rings.

A jewelry store has many options for custom jewelry design. They may have a master jeweler and even jewelry insurance if the groom feels the need to protect his and his hopefully engaged partner’s investment.

Here are some popular engagement ring trends of 2017.

The Halo

The Halo has been popular with engagement rings for some time. This is because the row of diamonds calls attention to the centerpiece, making it look bigger. While halos have traditionally been in circles, a vintage movement has been inspired, including the octagon diamond arrangement.

Colored Accents

Colored accents were popular in 2016 and will remain in demand in 2017. The difference is that the colored gem in 2016 was only by itself, whereas in 2017, the colored accents will be in combination. An example is a diamond emerald due or a pink diamond halo.

Edwardian Rings

The Edwardian style ring refers back to England in the last few centuries. It is a gorgeous ring that is both intricate and feminine. There are often an arrangement of jewels, such as a halo, gemstones, and diamonds. A custom Edwardian style ring is most likely going to give your bride to be a unique look.

A jewelry store can guide you in the decision to purchase an engagement. Finding a reputable jewelry store is relatively simple–look online.

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