About that Tattoo Life? Wear Your Heart or Personality on Your Sleeve


There are many different ways to express yourself. One of the most exciting aspects of self expression is that you will inevitably change over time, and those artistic expressions that you choose will often change with you. You might express yourself in the way that you design your home, painting the exterior or each room a different design or color as your interests and preferences change. Maybe you have a plethora of bumper stickers on your car that gives passersby a pretty accurate depiction of who you are. And maybe you are one of the many individuals who choose body expression as your main means of non verbal communication. From tattoos to body piercings, many find their bodies to be the perfect canvas.

Understanding changing expression when you’re living that tattoo life

Yes, interests, preferences, and methods of self expression can change over time. Tattoos typically do not. This can be viewed a couple of different ways by those looking for the perfect way to present their true selves to the world. There are those who would never even think about getting a tattoo simply because of the permanent nature of the ink on their skin. They might not have anything that they would want etched so concretely into their physical appearance, or they might realize that many of their passions are fleeting.

On the other hand, if you are all about that tattoo life, it could be that you body is a canvas documenting your expression over time. Your first tattoo designs artistically show who you were at that time, and each of the tattoos you have acquired since have evidence of your growth as a person. Of course, those steeped in the tattoo life could very likely simply love the idea of tattoo expression, and are not afraid of tattoo removal or cover ups.

Artistic designs for your body

From the way that you wear your hair and the wardrobe choices you make to the decisions you make at your local piercing and tattoo parlor, you are making an artistic expression to the world. But just because something particular speaks to you in any given moment, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be in love with it forever. It can sometimes be a process to get from your first bad tattoos to what you will consider the best tattoo on that canvas that is your skin. About 11% of individuals who have tattoos have either had one removed or are planning to have one removed. If you find a tattoo artist that you trust, you could opt to work with him or her to find a new design to cover up the one you don’t like. That trust factor is crucial, as you are putting faith in someone to permanently ink your body. In fact, almost half of all tattoo bearing individuals believe that the reputation of the tattoo artist or studio is the single most significant element when it comes to choosing a location to go to get your tattoo done.

Recently it was estimated that about 14% of people in the United States have one or more tattoos, and another 14% have body piercings other than their ears. These numbers grow as trends shift and evolve, and everywhere you go, you can find those who are not afraid to express themselves with their physical appearance. Everyone has their preferences. What works for you may not be what floats someone else’s boat, but that diversity is part of what makes this world so incredibly beautiful.

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