An Interview With Dr. Dhavid Cooper, co-founder of FramesDirect, in Austin, TX

FramesDirect provides high quality and brand-name eye wear globally through its website. Today, Dr. Dhavid Cooper talked with us about the importance of providing quality lenses and frames, and what has driven him both personally and professionally over the years.

Thank you for joining us, Dr. Cooper. I can see that you wear glasses yourself, do you have a favorite style of eye wear?

No I don’t, I keep trying different styles but I’m always looking for the ultimate lens with leading glasses and eye wear. I appreciate being able to see clearly. I think only people who wear glasses and need a prescription to see for distance can really appreciate what it’s like to go from seeing really fuzzy, and blurry, to putting on eye wear and saying “wow, that is so clear.” Over the years, with all of the research I’ve done, I have been exposed to many different types of lens materials, qualities, thickness, refractive powers of lenses, and refractive embassies of lenses. Personally, I have always wanted to always have the best.

Do you think that this goal has had an influence on the business model behind FramesDirect?

Yes. Consequentially, I have wanted to share that and prescribe that exact same lens system to our customers. If it’s something I wouldn’t actually use, the company wouldn’t use it either. We’ve never even gone down that road, having the company selling a product that we ourselves wouldn’t really wear.

You say “lens system,” but what does that mean exactly?

Yes, the lens system. If you consider our experience, 30 plus years of experience with lenses, and understanding the quality of lenses, we know what constitutes a really good quality lens. The optical characteristics, the properties, the coding of the lenses, the refractive ability of the lens and so on. That’s what we have come up with on the FramesDirect lens system. It is the ultimate in lens technology. It is exactly the lens quality, and design that I wear, and that my wife wears. We of course give this to our customers.

You have a great deal to be proud of with FramesDirect. Is there anything that stands out to you as particularly fulfilling over the years?

The most fulfilling accomplishment was doing free eyeglasses in the military, for that population. That was the most rewarding use of my time. That I have felt really good about, doing that every single day. I think personally, it would be starting FramesDirect, and getting that to a certain level of recognition, to where we had a global company. That would rank right up there, because the first five to eight years of the venture we were ridiculed by the profession, and ostracized. How can you be, you’re doing this online? What’s the web? What’s the internet? It was negatively perceived, but all the while we knew that this was the future. It was just using a new technology that the industry hadn’t come around to embracing yet, but we knew they’d come around.

It seems that any company taking the initiative to pioneer a new way of doing things faces that kind of opposition. Looking back on those challenges, how do you feel about them?

There were many roadblocks, but nothing that stopped us. Never once have we felt defeated in anything. There have been setbacks, but the philosophy we’ve had is that if you think about it enough, and put enough attention on it, and get a brain trust together, a number of people together, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

FramesDirect has been providing premium frames and precision lenses since 1996, and is located at 2801 S. IH 35, Ste# 170, Austin, TX 78741. For more information about premium eye wear offered by FramesDirect, visit or call 1-800-248-9427.

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