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3 Things to Try on Your Beach Vacation

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There?s not doubt about it. Vacations are great. It?s why 53% of employees return to work after a vacation feeling refreshed. And some eight out of ten leisure travelers believe it is of importance to their well being. The only thing better than a regular vacation is a beachfront vacation.

Many choose to visit Florida for their time in the sun. It?s no wonder. The average annual temperature in South Florida is 82.7 degrees in summer, and an average 68.5 in the winter. With weather like that, visiting in the summer, or staying in the winter can be a welcome break from the intense heat and cold of the city.

With lots of people traveling to Florida, or islands like Sanibel, on a regular basis, repeat vacationers might be looking for something new or different to try on their next trip. Below are t

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