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These 3 Hair Care Secrets Will Shock and Amaze You

How to sew in a full weave

Across the U.S., hair extensions are becoming more popular than ever before. With 28.5% more hair salons offering hair extension services today than they did just two years ago, it’s clear that hair extensions are everywhere!

But once your hair extensions are sewn in, it’s up to you to make sure these extensions are taken care of. When the average set of sew in hair extensions lasts about six months, hair care can make the difference between limp, lifeless hair and hair that looks healthy and beautiful.

Want to keep your own sew in hair extensions and sew weave hairstyles looking as good as they did when you

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Business for Hair and Makeup Artists Surging As Women Place Emphasis on Personal Beauty

Hair salon industry

Generally speaking, if you take care of yourself, you tend to be happier and go on to live a happier life. Whether you do it through health and fitness or getting plenty of sleep a night, there are plenty of different avenues you can take to take care of yourself. Many women, for example, opt to take care of themselves through different beauty regimes — hair and makeup, usually. As a result, there are many hair and makeup artists throughout most cities standing by to help women feel good about themselves and find happiness.

The hair salon industry in particular, with nearly 663,300 different hair stylists across the country, is seeing an increase in business because more and more women have chosen hair treatments and hair services as a great way to take care of and feel good about themselves. In fac

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