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Understanding the Growing Popularity of Camouflage

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Camouflage clothing for men and women seems to be everywhere nowadays. While army camo clothing and uniforms have been worn by the military for decades, over the course of the last twenty years or so, camouflage has consistently appeared in the fashion industry as a hot, stylish trend.

Considering the fickle nature of the fashion industry, it’s surprising that camouflage clothes have continued to remain in vogue year after. While there are many fashion “must-haves” and staples within the industry such as the little black dress, it’s common for trends to go as quickly as they come. However, everyone seems to be going camo clad with no sign of this trend going out of style.

Like many styles and trends worn today, camo clothing has its roots deep within military history. While camouflage has bee

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Two Reasons to Start Wearing Camouflage Clothing Right Now

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Did you know that the word ‘camouflage’ actually comes from the French word ‘camoufler,’ which means to disguise or blind? Although camouflage has been used to conceal military forces, tanks, and battleships for nearly two centuries, it is also commonly worn for fashion purposes. In fact, there are several benefits of wearing camo clothing in fashion, as this is a stylish way to dress.

- Many articles of clothing. There are countless clothing varieties available in camo patterns. Camo formal dresses and suit jackets, for instance, are popular camo wedding stuffs. Even camo bathing suits, seat covers, bedding, purses, and shoes are available. Although the traditional purpose of camouflage is to achieve crypsis, whic

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