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Why Camo Gear Is Becoming Popular with Civilians

Camo truck accessories

Camo purses, camo clothing, camo bedding and even camo wedding dresses may seem a bit odd to the uninitiated. After all, why would someone willingly adorn herself with camouflage clothing, a military fatigue until very recently? The answer to that is that camo purses and other accessories are a sign of a peacetime movement towards camouflage. By taking a former instrument of war, they have been converting them into peace.

Camo purses and the like have ancestors in nature. Many animals camouflage to disguise themselves from nature. Even a zebra, whose distinctive stripe pattern make it stand out, actually help blur him when he is moving.

Of course, camo purses and the like came from clothing, which only made its introduction in the 1800s...

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