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Are You New to Vaping? Learn How to Choose the Best Disposable E Cigarettes for Your Lifestyle


Those who are new to vaping, or puffing on an electronic cigarette, may not quite understand just how to make sense of all the choices on the market. As of last year, there were around 466 brands of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, with up to 7,700 different vaping flavors for sale. However, there are around 250 or more new flavors introduced each month, and the industry is constantly growing as more and more companies want to sell alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

Former smokers may have trouble choosing the right kind of disposable e cigarettes to start with since there are so many options available. However, by taking a look at the individual components of disposable

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Why Use eCigs? Find Out Why More People Are Turning to Vaping

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Why use eCigs? This is a question that often comes up when people are thinking about quitting smoking. Certainly, smoking has plenty of disadvantages — not only in terms of what it does to your health but also how it affects your wallet. Those who smoke a pack a day or more can wind up spending hundreds of dollars per month. Many people find themselves wanting to quit smoking, but they aren’t entirely sure how.

One study revealed that those who quit smoking were 60% more likely to succeed when they used eCigs rather than nicotine patches and gum. This is likely due to the physical sensation of vaping, which is very similar to smoking a cigarette. So why use eCigs? Here are three reasons why more smokers are turning to vaping.

    1. Flavors: