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Comfortable Shoes Make for More Comfortable Walks and Hikes

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This walking thing has become an obsession.
Technology he does not really get a good reputation these days. In fact, the proliferation of technology has been blamed for middle school and high school students playing video games for hours on end, for adults binge watching television for an entire weekend, and for limiting the brain development of infants who are given screen time at too early of an age.
An interesting thing, however, happened at your house over winter break, and this interesting event occurred because of technology. You and your husband decided to purchase the new fitness watch your 15-year-old daughter. In turn, your two daughters convinced you to purchase a fitness watch for dad. When the gifts were opened, and the excitement had subsided, the younger daughter announced that she no

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Getting Up and Getting on the Go

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Human beings were meant to be on the move. We were not born as a stationary species. We were meant to employ our abilities to run and jump and climb. And yet we have evolved to be quite sedentary, with many occupations requiring hours upon hours of sitting. Not all jobs require this inactive status, but apart from the job, recreationally there is a lot of sitting going on as well, whether from behind a computer, in front of the television or video games, or just relaxing after a long day of work.

Turning fatigue into motivation
While there is nothing wrong with catching up on rest and relaxation time, there is certainly something to be said for getting up and getting moving, yes, even if you are tired from work or the other stresses of life. Too often, people get into unhealthy

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