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A History of Engagement Rings and 2017 Trends

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Bling. Diamond-encrusted. Solitaire. Halo.

These are words or phrases that describe a particular feature of a significant and lifetime jewelry piece: the engagement ring. The engagement ring, which is generally given during the marriage proposal or right after the proposal (if it is accepted), is a symbol of union–a bolstering of a committed relationship.

While the average price of an engagement ring is approximately %5,600, many wedding rings are more affordable than that, or more expensive. And while many who propose try for the single solitaire diamond, with its classic design, many operate for more specialized engagement rings–incorporating halos and other colored gems.

Specialty jewelers generate more than 43% of the jewelry industry’s sales in the United States. Europe, Ch

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Why Every Woman Should Have One or Two Pieces of Fine Jewelry

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It’s important to remember that often, quality matters over quantity. A few expensive pieces of jewelry will be far more timely and elegant than heaps of cheap costume jewelry. There’s a reason engagement rings or wedding rings can be passed down in generations — they’re made of quality materials that endure and look classic. Think about Bering watches, for example — a minimalist, sleek, and timeless watch that suggests wealth and craftsmanship. That kind of watch will look far better than a cheap plastic watch that will break in a year or so. Additionally, jewelry repair and jewelry resizing can also be simpler when you’

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Three Tips For Choosing the Right Jewelry For Your Outfit

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Unique jewelry is a great way to add personal flair to any outfit, whether you’re headed to work, an event, or simply running errands. Moreover, because the custom jewelry design industry is flourishing, it is now easier than ever to find pieces that appeal to your individual taste. Unfortunately, deciding which of these excellent accessories to wear isn’t always as simple as finding great custom jewelry online or at a boutique. Follow the tips below to pick the perfect complement for every outfit and situation.

Pick Unique Jewelry That Adds To Your Entire Outfit
Fashion icon Coco Chanel famously recommended that every woman stop and remove

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