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How T-Shirts Have Stayed In Style

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No clothing item illustrates the modern age as much as the T-shirt. Endlessly duplicable, yet capable of being individualized to an equally infinite extent, T-shirts dominate the clothing landscape worldwide. Since their invention in 1920, T-shirts have become a $2 billion industry, and 90% of people wear a T-shirt every day.
T-shirts have become objects of great sentiment and emotional value to many people as well. At least nine out of 10 people claim to own a T-shirt that they won’t throw out for reasons of nostalgic attachment. Whether it’s a custom embroidered polo shirt or old high school T shirts lying around, everyone has that one favorite T shirt that they can’t bring themselves to part from.

T-shirts fit into the personalized apparel industry, which is worth $40 billion. Certain i

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