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Three Reasons Why the Branded Tee Isn’t Dead Yet

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In a world dominated by social media and digital marketing, using cheap custom tee shirts to spread brand awareness might seem like an outdated strategy, and yet so many companies still do it.
And they do it because it works. Here’s how.

People Really Like Tee Shirts.

One of the main reasons why giving away cheap custom tees works so well is because people really like tee shirts. In fact, about 95% of Americans wear tee shirts. That’s a staggering 302,955,000 people. Of them, 89% wear a tee shirt at least once week, which means that there are about 269,629,950 people in the nation who wear a tee shirt at least once a week. Basically, there are more than 269 million people who finds this marketing tactic appealing.

Cheap Custom Tees Are C

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Get the Custom T-Shirt You Want

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It is important to find a cheap custom T shirt printing company that can truly manage everything on their own. While most cheap custom T shirt printing companies merely take orders and outsource the work, there are a select few that can actually handle the process all on their own. While being able to design customer t shirts online is somewhat new, custom screen printing has actually been around for quite some time.

The actual term for describing screen printing as an art form is called “serigraphy,” and was initially coined during the 1

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