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Which Designer Handbag is Best for You

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You landed that corner office with a big fat bonus. Now it is time to treat yourself. Look at your designer handbag options and kick off your new life in style.

Throughout history fashion handbags have been worn by a variety of people. During the 1400s, purses and handbags were used to carry seeds, religious items and medicine and carried by men and women. Historical references show that Louis Vuitton is known as being the bag man to Napoleon III of France in the early part of the 1800s. During World War II led to a manufacturing of handbags made of materials like raffia. Some women crocheted their own small handbags from commercial patterns.

The need to organize one belongings is universal, thus handbags exist in differing forms in cultures around the world. The U.S. handbag and luggage i

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