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Get the Best Diamond You Can with These 3 Tips

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A diamond is made of the hardest material found on the planet. Formed by years of heat and pressure placed on a piece of carbon, they have to symbolize something that lasts forever. From Marilyn Monroe telling the world that “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” to James Bonds, “Diamonds Are Forever,” a diamond is more than a material for jewelry or industry, it represents glamour for many and everlasting love for many more. Globally, 130 million carats of diamonds are plucked out of mines. Their creation goes back 3.3 billion years when they began to be formed inside the earth thanks to pressure and heat. When people go diamond shopping they expect to spend more than $1,000. For most diamond buyers, there is a way to save some money while getting a great diamond.

Get more by getting less.

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