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Three Secrets the Commercial Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About Charter Flights

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Are you interested in charter jet services? There are a lot of reasons you might have to travel frequently for work, but one thing is the same for all commercial travelers: it’s a bummer. No one enjoys being herded like cattle through TSA. There’s no dignity in those metal detector scanners. It just so happens that you might find yourself needing more than three ounces of liquids during your trip, forcing you to pay exorbitant fees to check your bags. And all of that just gets you on the plane. Once there, you’re crammed into your seat like a sardine. It’s possible that the designers of airplanes previously worked for the clown act that jammed 73 clowns in single Volkswagen Beetle. The point is, commercial travel is no fun.

However, we digress. The real point of this article is to talk about a way

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