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First Impressions Are Formed In Around Seven Seconds How To Make Your Outfit Speak For You

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What’s in a shoe? Just ask the fashion industry. Men’s designer footwear has seen an unprecedented surge in purchases over the past decade and more people than ever are starting to consider the benefits of a beautiful pair of shoes. Its current retail value sales growth hit 40% between 2009 and 2014, proceeding to blow the lid straight off of conventional expectations and cause countless industries to scramble forward to pick up the slack. Unlike a nice shirt or a smart pair of pants, designer lace up shoes have the unique benefit of pulling just about any outfit together.

What can you expect from a luxurious pair of exotic boots? Let’s count the ways.

The Dress Shoe Market Is Taking Off

Men’s dress shoes have been found to total 6% of the shoe market share. Th

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3 Reasons to Dress for Success in the Workplace

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Landing a new job is a great feeling. It’s likely that you’re preparing to show up for your upcoming first day of work. You’ll want to know how important it is to dress nicely on the job. Statistics show that visual cues are three to five times more powerful than audio cues. Here are three important reasons to dress for success on your first day of work.

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What do your shoes say about you? For surely everyone takes a peak at someone else’s footwear and draws their own conclusions about the person’s personality and habits. Who hasn’t seen a pair of faded, floppy, and stained tennis shoes on someone? The prevailing thought is that that individual clearly doesn’t take too much care with their appearance.

If you are that individual with the old sneakers that you falsely assume can be worn everywhere for nearly every occasion, there’s bad news. Within seven to perhaps 17 seconds, people draw their impression of you, the whole you, and apply that impression to every future encounter you may have together. About 55% of that is based solely on your physical appearance. Now, do you really want those ratty sneakers to speak for you? Probably not. So, here’s a

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