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10 Reasons Flowers Are Still the Best Gift

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Wondering whether flowers are outdated or if they are still a good gift choice for an upcoming holiday? Don?t fret; flowers are still considered a staple of gifting giving in America, with receivers of flowers enjoying them as much as ever. Check out the survey results below regarding how people felt after receiving flowers:

89% think the giver is sophisticated

99% believe a person who gives flowers is thoughtful

86% say getting flowers makes them feel special

83% say receiving flowers unexpectedly is enjoyable

88% report that their mood improves when they receive flowers

92% of women remember the last time they got flowers

In addition to these statistics, flowers are still seen as both a way to declare romantic love and create the perception that the giver is a successf

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Basic Flower Symbolism For Any Wedding Or Birthday

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Flowers hold symbolic meaning across many different cultures and countries. From fine art to historical occurrences all across the ages, flowers have always been heavily studied and lovingly recreated for their beauty, scent and charm. If you have considered a bouquet for a particular event, whether you are attending a wedding or a funeral, it helps to know where to start with getting across your intended meaning in a respectful way. Continue reading to learn more about flower symbolism and how you can go about creating the ideal gift for any event.

Florist Industry In The U.S.

People buy flowers for a myriad of reasons — some use them to commemorate recent brides, to respect the dead or as a birthday gift. As a result, there are many stores that cater to various au

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