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These 3 Hair Care Secrets Will Shock and Amaze You

How to sew in a full weave

Across the U.S., hair extensions are becoming more popular than ever before. With 28.5% more hair salons offering hair extension services today than they did just two years ago, it’s clear that hair extensions are everywhere!

But once your hair extensions are sewn in, it’s up to you to make sure these extensions are taken care of. When the average set of sew in hair extensions lasts about six months, hair care can make the difference between limp, lifeless hair and hair that looks healthy and beautiful.

Want to keep your own sew in hair extensions and sew weave hairstyles looking as good as they did when you

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Three Impossible-to-Ignore Tips About Hair Extensions That You Need to See

Short hair styles

As it becomes easier and more affordable to lengthen one’s hair with hair extensions, these extensions are quickly taking the world by storm. Across the country, women spend millions of dollars on both clip in and sew in extensions, making this a booming industry.

So if you’re ready to add inches of luscious length to your locks without waiting months or years for your hair to grow, hair extensions might be the right choice for you. When women have an average of 104 different hairstyles throughout their lifetimes, there’s no reason not to switch up your look!

Not sure how to choose the best clip in or sew in hair extensions? Here’s a quick, easy guide to selecting the perfect hair extension services for your needs to help you make

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