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Turning Your Cleaning Into a Charitable Cause

Organizations that accept clothing donations

Every morning, we take a look inside our closet to see what we can wear to work, church, or school that day. Every night, we pull out our drawers and look through endless mounds of clothes and pajamas. What would happen if everybody donated the clothing they no longer wear, all year round? You have no idea the impact you could make on a woman, man, or child’s life when they need it most. You may ask: Where can I donate clothes? You may lead a busy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impact. Local donation pick ups may be able to help you even when you have the busiest schedule.

Pick up clothing

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Support Military Families with Your Charitable Clothing Donations

Helping families in need

Would you like to provide support for military families? One of the organizations that provides assistance to veterans and their families is The Military Order of the Purple Heart.

If you’re not familiar with The Purple Heart, it is a United States military decoration awarded to members of the military that have been wounded or killed while serving. This prestigious award is given in the name of the President, and approximately 1.7 million Purple Hearts have been awarded to date.

When veterans return home, many of these individuals encounter difficulties with obtaining employment. In 2012, for example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that for veterans between the ages of 18-to-24, there was a 20.4% unemployment

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