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It’s Time to Put on Your Walking Shoes and Enjoy the Sunshine

Light hiking boots

What do you wear on your feet when you go walking, hiking, or running? Hopefully, you’re wearing the right type and weight of shoes. Were you aware that if your shoes are on the heavy side that they can drain your energy and stamina? If you’re walking or hiking in the rain, then you want to be sure you’re wearing the right kind of women’s or mens waterproof shoes. The last thing you want is to have all that water weight dragging you down.

When it comes to expending energy, you’ll need to expend even more to counteract the weight of your shoes. Basically, It is the equivalent of carrying 4.7 to 6.4 times that weight on your back. If you are an experienced hiker, then you’re probably familiar with the saying: “A pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back.” Wearing a pair of lightweight hiking bo

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