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Turning Your Cleaning Into a Charitable Cause

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Every morning, we take a look inside our closet to see what we can wear to work, church, or school that day. Every night, we pull out our drawers and look through endless mounds of clothes and pajamas. What would happen if everybody donated the clothing they no longer wear, all year round? You have no idea the impact you could make on a woman, man, or child’s life when they need it most. You may ask: Where can I donate clothes? You may lead a busy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impact. Local donation pick ups may be able to help you even when you have the busiest schedule.

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3 Ways Donating Your Clothes Can Help The Planet

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There is the all-too-familiar feeling of going through a closet and finding that you have a ton of dresses, shoes, and bags that you no longer need. You loved them once, but have worn them enough times and are over them. Maybe it is s dress you bought for a specific occasion, like a wedding, formal, or prom, and now you no longer need the dress. However, the clothes are still in great condition and can help someone else in need.

If you are planning on going through your closets and think that there might be a lot of clothing items still in good condition, you might want to consider donating! Here are three reasons it’s a better option than just throwing them away or having them live in your closet for months and years to come. In fact, some organizations even offer a service to pick up clothing d

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