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Is Plastic Surgery Right For You?

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Have you ever thought about and seriously considered plastic surgery? Do you ever look in the mirror and see a part of you that you hate? You have probably tried to accept it and learn to live with it, but you have noticed that it affects your self confidence and the way you live your life. You may choose to not communicate as openly with people because you are self conscious or you might not wear the type of clothing you want to, because you are not comfortable with it. You probably wondered what the risks of plastic surgery are and how much it will cost you. You have probably questioned if it will really even work, and for

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A Non-Surgical Facelift Can Make you Feel Good About Yourself Again

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The picture of the four of you was a social media success. At least a success in your small social media platform. You actually expected as much when you scheduled the post.
The photo of you and your grandmother and your two daughters was taken in the soft light of the nursing home room. You never really liked the picture that much because in the busy morning of getting ready to walk across town to the nursing home from your father’s house you did not straighten your hair and put on makeup. Your girls, ages five and nine, look adorable as usual. Your 98-year old grandmother looks sweet in every picture. But you always hated how you looked. On this particular day though, seven years after she passed away at the age of 100, you gave into your vanity and posted the photo in honor of what would have

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