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Oh My, What Camo Trends Will They Think of Next?

Camouflage truck accessories

Spring has always been a time for new trends, especially since everyone is more than ready to trade in their pair of clunky winter boots for a cute pair of sandals. While it’s extremely common for many fashion trends to go and quickly as they come — think shoulder pads — camouflage clothing for men and women consistently remains an en vogue trend, so much so that many fashion and style experts are reluctant to even call it so, as it would imply camo clothes may soon go out of style. Just like the little black dress which has a timeless appeal, camouflage clothes are here to stay.

So how did camouflage skyrocket to the top of the fickle fashion industry? When the French military hired two artists — known as camofleurs — to create a pattern that would allow their forces to blended into the

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