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Hop On The Latest Engagement Ring Designs of 2014

Choosing a diamond ring

There are few things more nerve-racking and exciting than getting engaged. Regardless of who proposes to whom, there is always the chance of the partner saying “no,” or perhaps even worse, “I don’t know.” Either way, the star of the engagement show is definitely the engagement ring.

There are several types of wedding rings and engagement rings, many of them featuring diamonds. The shiny, sparkling nature of these stones make them one of the most popular ones selected to pop the question. These diamonds are often designed and shaped using various techniques, such as pave set engagement rings, and a princess cut diamond.


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Halo Engagement Rings Explained

Virginia engagement rings

As you begin your search for that perfect diamond engagement ring, you will come up against a lot of terms – settings, shoulders, pavilions, tables, girdles, channels, pave, inclusions… the Four Cs alone are enough to fill an entire article. Today, however, we’re going to focus on one popular trend in jewelry — the halo engagement ring.

Halo engagement rings utilize a specific style of diamond setting known as “pave” (pronounced “pah-vay”). While it may sound different, the word means exactly what it looks like in English: diamonds are set so close to one another that they appear to be paving the surface of the ring. This can be used to make a ring look as though it

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