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Feel Like a Warm Bear With Adult Pajama Onesies

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Naturally, the perfect gift for adults of all ages would have to be a pajama onesie for adults. A fun, comical gift, most who receive pajama onesies for adults will actually fall in love with the soft fabric and attached feet. For the perfect thoughtfully funny gift for any occasion, consider an adult pajama onesie for the dreamer in your life!

Decisions, Decisions
Surprisingly, there are surveys that exist to determine what Americans where to bed. This survey has learned that about 74% wear pajamas, 8% sleep in the nude, and the rest wear something mischievously described as “something else” to bed. Ladies may be shocked to learn that the average man will wear his

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4 Reasons Why Footed Pajamas are the Answer

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When’s the last time you stepped into a a pair of footed pajamas? For most folks that may have been a very long time. Maybe you haven’t been in onesie pajamas since you were a little baby? Well if you thought footed pajamas were just for the little ones, you’ve been missing out on a lot. Check out these reasons why footed adult pajamas are back, and they’re for everybody this time.

Seriously. Why Not. They’re SO COMFY!

Adult footed pajamas are like taking your favorite blanket, shaping it like a person, and climbing inside. After a long day of work, if you’re sick and need some comfort, if you’re just plain chilly, or you’re simply smart enough to know how AWESOME they are, footed paja

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