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Do You Have a Fun Weekend Get Together Coming Up?

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The group of women had planned their get together for months. Traveling from St. Joe, Missouri; Omaha, Nebraska; Denver, Colorado; and Hays, Kansas, the plan was to meet for a three day weekend at the exciting location of Tampa, Florida. Still cool in the evenings because it is just February, the day time highs on the beach are supposed to reach the high 80s or low 90s.
A weekend away from spouses and their children, the ladies are simply excited to spend some uninterrupted time together. Although the college group of friends initially did a great job of getting together twice a year after their graduation 30 years ago, lately it has been difficult. Busy work schedules, as well as their children’s sports and activities, made getting together as a whole group impossible. Finally, the girls decided they wou

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What If Every Day Was Pajama Day?

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It is the perfect Christmas gift idea for your adult cousins and their children. Adult onesie pajamas for your generation, and child size pajamas for the younger crowd. It is one of the first Christmas holiday seasons that the whole group has not been able to gather together so this fun gift idea seems like the perfect solution. Not only is it a fun idea, it has been fun to help your grandma organize the surprise. The gifts, which will arrive in advance of the holiday, are going to be delivered with a special note. Each family is assigned a time to open their gifts when they are to facetime grandma so she can be in on the surprise. Then, each family is asked to email a picture of their family dressed in their gifts so that Grandma wakes up to the photos on Christmas morning. Not exactly like being toget

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4 Reasons Why Footed Pajamas are the Answer

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When’s the last time you stepped into a a pair of footed pajamas? For most folks that may have been a very long time. Maybe you haven’t been in onesie pajamas since you were a little baby? Well if you thought footed pajamas were just for the little ones, you’ve been missing out on a lot. Check out these reasons why footed adult pajamas are back, and they’re for everybody this time.

Seriously. Why Not. They’re SO COMFY!

Adult footed pajamas are like taking your favorite blanket, shaping it like a person, and climbing inside. After a long day of work, if you’re sick and need some comfort, if you’re just plain chilly, or you’re simply smart enough to know how AWESOME they are, footed paja

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