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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Instagram

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With the rise of mobile smart devices and apps like Instagram and Picasa, now everyone is able to artistically express themselves through photography. For businesses, this accessibility has become especially useful, as social media has changed and accelerated the way that we share ideas, images, and even dreams.
Her eare some important facts about image sharing and social media that will help to provide perspective:

  • Individuals who use the internet share as many as 18 billion images a day
  • There are 300 million active users on Instagram and they share over 70 million photos a day
  • On Facebook, users share up to 350 million photos a day
  • When you begin to consider these facts, social media marketing no longer seems as easy as you initially thought, rig

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    4 Tips for Culling Your Images

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    People love to document their lives with photos. Approximately 300 million people use Instagram regularly and they share 70 million images a day. Instagram has more images than the Library of Congress. As of 2012, they were the repository for more than 500 million images. Beyond Instagram, 1.8 billion pictures are shared each day through various online and social media sites. With all those images being created, it is no wonder people are turning to photo culling services to help manage them.

    Photo culling services sift through the images from both professional and amateur photographers. Professional photographers often use a culling service to help manage the weddings they shoo

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