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Here’s How to Rock the Sleekest Long Hairstyles for Women With Afro-Textured Hair

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Throughout history, hairstyles have served as a powerful means of self-expression and visual communication. In many ancient civilizations, hairstyles were used to denote class, social status, wealth, and were even used to express grief. And while trends in hairstyling have changed and continue to do so, the purpose of hairstyling remains the same. In other words, it’s never just hair.

Kinky, coily, and tightly curled or Afro-textured hair, was is often considered difficult to manage and maintain, let alone style. This all began to change during the natural hair movement during the 2000s, which piggybacked off of the momentum from the original movement in the 1970s. Following on the heels of the Civil Rights Movement, afro-textured was boldly celebrated during this time as a means of challenging p

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