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Three Battles in Makeup Application Which Products Will Win?

Finishing powder

Did you know that 10% of women say that they will not let their partner see them without their makeup? Makeup is an important part of how many of us see ourselves. We might feel obligated to wear it at times, but we also have fun picking out colors and experimenting with new products. In makeup, there are several old rivalries when it comes to what to use and how to apply it. We will cover three rivalries here and try to settle things once and for all.

1. Cream or Powder Blush

When my parents would go out at night and leave us with the babysitters, one thing I would always remember is the powdered pink blush my mom would put on her cheeks. It was hard for me to even think about blush not coming in traditional powder form. Over the past few years, however, I have started seeing the benefi

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