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How Donating Your Used Clothing Benefits Many People and the Environment

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Did you know that recycling your old clothes can have a ?Butterfly effect?, when one small action that can set off a number of other good deeds that can create a cascade effect? But donating used clothes to charity instead of throwing them away, you can start a cycle of good that benefits many people and the environment along the way. It’s also easy to do, and there are even many charities that will pick up donations and give you a receipt for the value.
It’s time to start recycling textiles
We’ve gotten used to recycling paper, plastic, cardboard, cans and glass, but people still tend to throw away used clothing in the trash. As of 2011, the recovery rate for textiles in the U.S. was only 15.3%. Compared to other materials, that’s very low. That’s because people haven’t

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3 Ways Donating Your Clothes Can Help The Planet

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There is the all-too-familiar feeling of going through a closet and finding that you have a ton of dresses, shoes, and bags that you no longer need. You loved them once, but have worn them enough times and are over them. Maybe it is s dress you bought for a specific occasion, like a wedding, formal, or prom, and now you no longer need the dress. However, the clothes are still in great condition and can help someone else in need.

If you are planning on going through your closets and think that there might be a lot of clothing items still in good condition, you might want to consider donating! Here are three reasons it’s a better option than just throwing them away or having them live in your closet for months and years to come. In fact, some organizations even offer a service to pick up clothing d

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Support Military Families with Your Charitable Clothing Donations

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Would you like to provide support for military families? One of the organizations that provides assistance to veterans and their families is The Military Order of the Purple Heart.

If you’re not familiar with The Purple Heart, it is a United States military decoration awarded to members of the military that have been wounded or killed while serving. This prestigious award is given in the name of the President, and approximately 1.7 million Purple Hearts have been awarded to date.

When veterans return home, many of these individuals encounter difficulties with obtaining employment. In 2012, for example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that for veterans between the ages of 18-to-24, there was a 20.4% unemployment

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