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Our Favorite Celebrities Understand Why Pajamas are the Best Outfit

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa is known for his colorful personal style. Typically, Khalifa?s outfits are both fashionable, as well as hard for the average person to imitate. Not only can we not get away with — or afford — $400 red sneakers, but we also lack Khalifa?s signature tattoos. According to GQ, we can come a little closer to touching Khalifa?s style this week. Khalifa recently visited an LA nightclub wearing silk pajamas. That?s right: pajamas. While you may not want to wear adult footed PJs to the club with your friends, you can definitely get more relaxed around the house — and stop wearing that old tshirt you should have thrown out years ago.

Khalifa isn?t the only celebrity getting in on the pajama trend. Rashida Jones

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