Common Questions About UV-Filtering Sunglasses

How do you measure for sunglasses

Sunglasses are stylish, but are also vital to the health of your eye. Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can contribute to macular degeneration, cataracts, and poor ocular development, especially in children. Polarized sunglasses do a wonderful job of protecting your eyes from UV rays from all angles, but the lenses in these sunglasses can lose their effectiveness over time. Here are some common questions about when to replace your lenses and how to make sure you can keep your favorite frames in the transition.

  • “How often should you replace your lenses?”%3Cbr%3EOptometrists recommend you go no longer than two years on one set of UV lenses, based on how polarized lenses filter uv rays. While the overall degeneration of the lenses is slight, it does not take a large amount of UV radiation to cause ocular damage, so every ounce of protection is important.
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  • “How do you measure for sunglasses and sunglass replacement lenses?”%3Cbr%3EIf your sunglasses are a fairly popular brand, the chances are good you won’t have to measure anything. Whether you’re looking for polarized lens replacement or just a new pair of standard lenses (to deal with scratches and cracks), all you need to do is find the model number of your glasses and send that to your replacement specialist. If you can’t find the number on the sunglasses themselves, contact the manufacturer, and they can provide you with the number.
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  • “So how do you measure for sunglasses and sunglass lens replacement if your brand is not popular?”%3Cbr%3EThe three main factors in measuring for sunglasses are bridge width (so they fit on the bridge of your nose), temple width (so they fit to the sides of your head), and desired coverage area. When dealing with UV protection, the more covered area the better. The other two measurements will vary from person to person, but knowing these measurements will make it possible not only to purchase new glasses online, but also to provide information to a lens replacement company that will help you get custom UV-filtering lenses for your favorite frames.

You only get one set of eyes in your life. And by replacing your current sunglass lenses with UV-filtering lenses, you can protect your eyes in style. For more information see this:


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