Create a garden you’ll love to spend time in

Garden accents

A garden can add beauty and fresh appeal to any yard. From blossoming flower beds, trees and shrubs to stone pathways that meander around the property, when you want your home and land to be a natural sanctuary, consider planting a garden and creating some landscaping. The average American household spends a few hundred dollars on gardens and garden decor each year. In total, the U.S. spent $29.1 billion on lawn and garden art in 2012.
Garden accents and garden decor can be both natural or man made. They can include pottery and stone work, concrete pavers, hand made wooden signs or birdhouses and more. Some people put pet rocks, or rocks that they really like all around their property. The pet rock, conceived in the 1970s by an advertising executive who was tired of hearing his friends complain about pet maintenance, became an instant sensation. You can design a whole rock garden of pets that protect and add appeal to your yard space.
Speaking of pets, maybe you have a beloved pet who has since passed on and you want to remember that loving animal. With pet memorial stones and pet garden decor you can always remember how special your pet was. Each time you set foot in your garden you’ll see your garden decor memorializing your pet and you’ll smile.
Garden decor comes in a variety of designs and there is something for just about everyone. From those who love butterflies or ladybugs, frogs or flowers, there are tons of garden decorations to suit your tastes. Pepper your yard or property with the kinds of decorations that appeal to you. Be sure to spread them around generously so that no matter what side or your house or yard you are on, you can see them.
Perhaps you want a more natural looking and feeling garden. Depending on where you live, you can draw upon the natural elements around you to add garden decor to your yard. For instance, if you live near the ocean or beach, using shells, sand or drift wood might incorporate the beauty of the area into your own living space. If you live near a wooded area, using pine cones, tree branches, mosses and tree bark to decorate will bring in the natural elements of the area. If you have tree stumps in the yard, you can decorate it or accent it with natural peat pots and lichen.
See what naturally grows in your area of the world and consider bringing them into your garden decor.

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