Custom Signage Serves Many Different Functions

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Signs have multiple uses. They inform, direct, and influence people. In retail settings, signs help people to make purchasing decisions. So much so that studies have shown that merchandise with signs outsells products without signs. Clear, well printed signs like custom security signs, political signs and banners, and point of sale display materials all serve many different functions.

Signs in the retail environment
Signs play an important part in the retail environment. From discovering the location of a business to details about merchandise, shoppers rely on custom printed signs to direct them and to help them make purchasing decisions.
Studies have shown that shoppers actually make up their minds at the very last minute. A full 82% of all buying decisions are made in the store itself.
Signs play an important part in guiding customers to the right merchandise and to choose between the various products on display.

Pop up exhibits and displays
Pop retail displays with clear signage are a very persuasive form of marketing. As many as six to ten of all purchases in store are impulse buys. Whether it?s an attractively labelled cheese or reindeer decorations getting an early start, pop up displays attract attention.
Signage also sells products and a study by Brigham Young University found that merchandise with signs outsold products without signs by as much as 20%. Clearly printed custom signs can help shoppers to compare products, understand the features and highlights if each product, and to make an informed choice.

Political signs create name recognition

Political signs likewise attract attention to candidates and help to direct voters to learn about their platforms. Lawn signs are a new feature and one that has expanded greatly in recent years. In fact the use of yard signs has increased four fold between 1984 and 2012.
The most important thing that political signs achieve is name recognition, which has a real impact on which candidate people will vote for. Like political signs, custom security signs provide clear guidelines for people.

Signage serves many important functions, from politics to retail. Name recognition, information and directions all help people to make the right decisions in many important areas of their lives. Custom security signs likewise help to protect property and families.
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