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Finding the right engagement ring is a difficult task for bride or groom, depending on the individual that is proposing to the other. Engagement rings can be complex and difficult to comprehend: There are many different features that go into the appearance and quality of an engagement ring, especially if that engagement ring is a diamond.

A diamond is the classic choice for an engagement ring, according to a campaign started in the 1930s (at the end of the Great Depression and before the beginning of World War II). In that case, the jeweler started a campaign that every woman deserved an engagement ring, when before engagement rings had been simple, with the more expensive rings for weddings.

But the jeweler pulled this off with a great advertising campaign and soon it became a trend and an expectation from the person receiving the ring that the engagement ring be a diamond in particular. The jeweler also added the four Cs of diamonds: Carot weight, cut, color, and clarity (though they should have added cost to this, as they are expensive).

This, of course, was in America. Giving engagement rings can be traced back to the Roman empire, when brides to be were given two engagement rings–one for the private use in a house and the other for public use, while out in the city and living centers. This developed over time, with it developing even to Austria in 1477 from Maximilian.

The challenge for the giver of the diamond ring is finding the right type to suit their boyfriend or girlfriend–namely, what are they going to like that is not going to break the bank. What is often seen as the classic type of engagement ring is the single solitaire diamond.

The truth is, 75% of American brides receive engagement rings that are made out of gold or diamonds. Engagement rings have stopped being cheap since the campaign by one of the most respected and valued jewelers during the height of the Great Depression. Still, there are certain characteristics that a person purchasing an engagement ring should look out for.

Carot, while often seen as a unit of size, is in fact a unit of weight. Two diamonds of the same size may have different Carots, which is due to the density of the diamond. Carots, which are associated with size, often dictate (within a range) the size of the diamonds.

If a boyfriend or girlfriend is big on size, the carot amount will be the most important factor in the purchase of the diamond engagement ring.

The cut of a diamond is important to many boyfriends and girlfriends. The cut of a diamond refers to the diamonds pattern and symmetry, as well as the proportions. The diamond’s cut determines three important qualities: the brilliance (how bright the light gets when passing through it), the fire (color dispersed), and the scintillation.

The scintillation is the sparkle when a diamond is moved. These are all important for the purchasing of a diamond for a boyfriend or girlfriend if the boyfriend or girlfriend wants a diamond that has a certain beautiful quality to it.

Color of the diamond ranges from light to colorless, with the color showing up more in diamonds that have a larger Carot amount. This is according to preference of the boyfriend and girlfriend, though it is difficult in many cases to perceive the color of a diamond if it is a smaller diamond.

Clarity is the final C to mentioned in this article. The clarity refers to the amount and visibility of blemishes on the diamond surface. The clarity has numerous implications, including permeating the light that comes through the surface and blocking some light when the diamond is moved.

Jewelers can explain more and more about diamonds, including diamonds for men. These diamond options include:

  • Mens diamond earrings
  • Ladies earrings
  • Mens bracelets
  • Diamond rings
  • Solitaire engagement rings

Designer jewelry helps individuals find out more about diamonds. Designer jewelry is generally specialized to the individual and jewelers at designer jewelry stores can work the an individual to find the best fit. The key about designer jewelry is they’re uniqueness when it comes to jewelry when it comes to loved ones.

Finding the best designer jewelry is a matter of asking the jeweler for help.

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