Fine Leather Gifts Are Always Appreciated

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Kelsey and Kyle
Better Together
Country Stampede Music Festival
The gifts looked like simple, basic womens leather bracelets from a distance. Up close, however, the details of the week long celebration were evident. As a gift to her bridesmaids the bride had the date of the wedding, the name of the couple, the wedding theme, and the upcoming three day music festival stamped into the womens leather bracelets.
While other brides may make her attendants purchase and wear dresses in some obscure color to the wedding, this bride wanted something different. More relaxed. More practical. This bride asked the girls to plan on wearing their favorite pair of cowboy boots and a solid colored dress that they would like to wear line dancing! Instead of having them purchase pastel colored dresses that would never again see the light of day, the bride just asked that her attendants show her the colors they selected so she could work them into the bouquets and the decorations.
The girls thought the idea was so fun they simply went shopping together. It was easy to find a sampling of bright colors that looked great together when they knew that the groom and his attendants would be wearing blue jeans and white shirts.
The results were magical and the thinly wrapped womens leather bracelets and the mens leather wallets truly were like icing on the wedding cake. Practical mementoes of a wedding get together that started on one weekend and finished the next weekend with a group tent at the areas largest country concert of the summer.
Classsic Leather Gifts Never Go Out of Style
Whether you are considering leather backpacks for men or leather totes for women, some gifts always seem to work. While some may spend their money looking for fancy crystal bowls or engraved desk accessories, fine leather goods are simply more practical. And more durable.
Showing appreciation to someone, whether it is for a birthday, a job well done, or a wedding party thank you, should be genuine. A token of friendship or thanks does not have to be excessive or elaborate, but it should be thoughtful. and few things are more genuine and thoughtful than fine leather gifts. Leather framed mirrors and photo frames make perfect gifts for graduation or retirements. The subtle colors and shades that are the definition of full grain leather match nearly every decor and look great in any office.
Leather Has a Long Tradition of Being Popular
Classic leather items such as the aviator jacket worn by General Patton in World War II as well as the black leather jacket worn by James Dean in the 1950s are known for setting popular trends in the fashion world. More recently, celebrity Chloe Moretz modeled leather goods for Coach’s 2016 spring campaign.
In addition to being popular, leather is also versatile. In fact, the average consumer is likely wearing four leather products at any given time. Leather is a popular and versatile gift that will be appropriate in many settings.

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