First Impressions Are Formed Within Seven Seconds What Your Fashion Says About You

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Your attire says everything about you. It communicates your personality, your willingness to engage, even whether or not you take a meeting seriously. The art of dressing well is a field that’s held strong for hundreds of years, meaning the power of the solid first impression won’t be going away any time soon. How do you best prepare for an onslaught of quick opinions? You look into high quality mens suits that get the job done no matter where you go. Custom tailored clothing, stylish dress shirts for men, luxury dress shirts…they all add up to an equation that solves every problem as its arrives.

Rather than leave your future up to chance, greet it with your best tie.

Figure Out Your Average

Before you rush to buy the best high quality mens suits, figure out your proportions so you’re not led on a wild goose chase. The average height for men in the United States is around five foot and seven inches, while the average waist circumference is just shy of 40 inches. This, of course, is not a hard and fast rule. Get yourself professionally measured once in a while to make sure your clothes fit you well.

Understand The Fashion Industry

Knowledge is power. Why not better understand how the fashion industry is coping with changing social norms? According to data provided by IBIS World, the average yearly sales for menswear (jackets, shoes, pants) saw an impressive 17% growth between 2010 and 2015. Another study provided by Business Insider revealed that 40% of men between the ages of 18 and 34 much prefer to buy their clothes online. Where do you stand when it comes to dressing down?

Become Comfortable With Psychology

We’ve already touched on psychology and how powerful first impressions are. Let’s go a step further. Recent psychological studies have revealed that a strong impression is formed when seven to 17 seconds of meeting someone for the first time. Another 50% of a person’s opinion is purely physical, to boot. Last, but certainly not least, first impressions are often longer lasting than even more positive second or third impressions.

Know Your General Look

Are you wearing high quality mens suits to a corporate event or a wedding? Do you want to set a strong first impression for a job interview or a date? Answering these questions right off the bat will save you a world of trouble when you start browsing online for top men clothing brands. A 2016 survey saw nearly 48% of senior managers saying their employees dressed far too casually for their work environment. This same survey also revealed this is a relatively recent development compared to five years ago.

Invest In Your Appearance

Your appearance is everything. So are first impressions. When you look into high end dress shirts you’re looking into expanding your options everywhere you go, even if it just means a potential acquaintance doesn’t write you off within seven seconds of getting to know you. A professional tailor can help you with measurements as well as recommend you styles so you get comfortable with fashion as easily as you do anything else. Those mens dress trousers starting to sound good?

Go out and grab the life you want one style at a time.

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