Getting Up and Getting on the Go

Walking boots

Human beings were meant to be on the move. We were not born as a stationary species. We were meant to employ our abilities to run and jump and climb. And yet we have evolved to be quite sedentary, with many occupations requiring hours upon hours of sitting. Not all jobs require this inactive status, but apart from the job, recreationally there is a lot of sitting going on as well, whether from behind a computer, in front of the television or video games, or just relaxing after a long day of work.

Turning fatigue into motivation
While there is nothing wrong with catching up on rest and relaxation time, there is certainly something to be said for getting up and getting moving, yes, even if you are tired from work or the other stresses of life. Too often, people get into unhealthy routines of struggling to catch up on rest and energy, all the while perpetuating an inactive lifestyle which only adds to the factors that are detrimental to overall wellness. What most people in this position too often do not realize, as it seems that the opposite would be true, is that becoming more active can often lead to increased energy levels. Going out for a walk when you feel exhausted can end up completely turning your day around. Once you get your blood flowing, and you feel the sunshine and fresh air, you will start to pull out of that endlessly exhausted funk you have been wallowing in.

Finding the right fit for your feet
Probably the single most important thing that people need to remember when they are starting to become more active is to take care of your body. The transition phase between being mostly stationary and incorporating more movement can be a bit difficult, as your muscles adjust to the new standard. But do not neglect what is quite literally the very base of the whole movement. Your feet need the proper support as well as the appropriate comfort level in order to get you going. You could consider anything from lightweight walking boots to mens walking sandals to womens waterproof hiking boots. The options may seem limitless and therefore may seem a bit overwhelming, but you can always do a bit of research or ask an expert in the form of a knowledgeable friend or a customer service agent in the shoe store.

Consider the different styles for your feet

While some guys might go after mens walking sandals for ideal comfort, some might find that other trekking sandals or comfortable walking boots might be the way to go, and similarly, women may head into the store with a certain style in mind but find that something else works out better. In all honesty, if something fits well, do not let yourself be limited by how it is marketed. If a shoe or boot is being sold for the opposite gender but works well for you, go for it! Often times something might be under a label such as mens walking sandals because of the size or what society deems is more of a look that men might go for, but this should not in any way be the end all be all of your options. If you are a woman and a particular pair of mens walking sandals seems like the best choice for you, go for it. What matters most is that your feet are taken care of.

Making the decision to get up and get moving is a very important first step. It can be very difficult, and perhaps you will need a little help from your friends or family members, but ideally that decision will be the thing that changes your entire life for the better, and perhaps even impacts those around you. Perhaps once you find the motivation to move, you yourself will become the motivation that others find to do the same.

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