Look Like a Cowboy 5 Easy Steps

Western work boots

Whether you’re going to work on a cattle ranch, attending casual Friday at the office, or you’ve got a night of dancing ahead of you, western wear is a trendy look to go for. From western work boots to a real cowboy hat, western fashion is an easily achieved look that’s sure to catch a few eyes wherever you go.

Top to bottom, here’s a list of necessary items to pull off “The Cowboy.”

The Hat. Western style hats are one of the most necessary items in the cowboy look, as they are the most iconic and popular. When deciding what kind of hat you would like to wear, think about the time of year when you’ll be wearing it — in the cooler months you’ll want a warmer material such as felt, while in the warmer months a straw hat will be more comfortable.

The Shirt. While you might want to try for the tank top or the t-shirt to show off your muscles, to achieve the true cowboy look you’re going to want a button-down cowboy shirt. Again, you can decide if you want long or short sleeves depending on whether it’s cool or warm out. This look bases itself on the style of the Old West back in the 1900s, so make sure to base your purchases on styles and fabrics from that era.

The Belt. A good belt says “I know how to accessorize my outfit.” You may decide to go for the large silver buckle with your look, either with a slogan or even a personalized one with your initials. Regardless of whether you get a large buckle or a simple buckle, your belt should definitely be leather, and should match your western work boots: if your boots are brown, get a brown belt; if your boots are black, get a black belt.

The Jeans. While skinny jeans are tighter than you want in western clothes for men, you do want to look for a close-fitting cut. Cowboys wear such jeans for preventing injuries while riding horses. Look for a longer inseam than you would normally purchase to make sure they fall correctly at your ankle.

The Boots. Again, think about when and where you’ll be wearing your boots before you purchase, as the heel height changes how comfortable they are according to your activity: a higher heel will be better for riding, while a flat heel will be more comfortable while walking. Round or square-toed, leather western work boots are the trendiest at the moment. Regardless of the style or the color that you choose, tend to your boots carefully as they will be sure to withstand wear and tear for several years.

As leather is a key fabric choice in a couple of the necessary items for this look, make sure that you research leather care before purchasing: make sure to get any grit and grime off after every use, and always air dry should an item become wet. Pretty soon you’ll be line dancing and wrangling cattle with the best of them.

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