Temporary Tattoos Are All the Rage for Birthday Parties

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Fashion temporary tattoos of many styles are becoming all the rage for children’s birthday parties! Do you want something that will impress all the children at your next party as well as give them something fun to look forward to? A temporary tattoo is the best go-to to keep children busy for hours! Our metallic tattoos and glitter tattoos will have children looking with awe. They’ll have something to share with their parents over dinner that night as the tattoo becomes a conversation piece.

Fun Facts You Should Know Regarding Temporary Tattoos

Did you know that the FDA defines temporary tattoos as decals that can be used to decorate any part of the body? They usually last somewhere between 1 and 7 days before they come off with water. Children especially seem to love these tattoos around Halloween, but they are great for any time of the year. Temporary tattoos are fun for children of every age, but more and more teenagers are also choosing vibrant, fun tattoos as well. Temporary tattoos are a safe alternative to children and teens, to avoid the dangers of real tattoos: from infections, severe itchiness, and more.

So why choose temporary tattoos as a gift for children at your child’s next birthday party? For one, they could save you money. In 2013, a survey was conducted that found that 7 out of 10 parents spent over $300 at their child’s party, with some even reaching in the thousands! Don’t you want to save on goodie bags and give children something fun to do that they’ll remember for a long time? Many children will choose a fun, glittery or metallic tattoo that brings excitement to their lives. 1.5 x 1.5″ tattoos tend to be the best for kids, as kids love to put these tattoos on their hands and cheeks.

There are many types of temporary tattoos, and we offer them all! With a wide assortment for your child to choose from, they’ll always remember this birthday party as the most creative and fun one of all. Fashion temporary tattoos give kids something to look forward to.

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