The Best Thanksgiving Online Shopping Deals!

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According to ShopperTrak, there were approximately 307.67 million store visits on Black Friday in 2012, and shoppers spent $11.2 billion on that day alone! However, brick and mortar retailers were not the only winners, as comScore reported that Black Friday online sales surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time.

As Thanksgiving 2013 approaches, millions of Americans find themselves in the midst of planning for the big holiday feast, and trying to find time to complete their holiday shopping lists. While many of us lament the days when Thanksgiving was about enjoying those rare times with our families, the reality is that the looming specter of Black Friday now eclipses Thanksgiving dinner for a growing number of Americans.

Although Black Friday has always been retail propaganda aimed at generating excitement among an American populace poised for the holiday shopping season, all the extra hype has proven effective for the retail industry. Not only has the urgency fostered by Black Friday worked, it has resulted in many Americans abbreviating their Thanksgiving celebrations to be among the first in line for countless midnight Black Friday door buster, super sales.

While many people still prefer to avoid the Black Friday shopping crowds, others simply cannot resist the deals. The good news is online Thanksgiving deals now make it possible for individuals with aversion to crowds to find cheap online deals that might be even better than the ones offered by brick and mortar retailers.

Given the fact that internet retail sales generated more than $200 billion in revenue during 2012, it will be interesting to see how Black Friday online computer deals will impact Black Friday sales over the next few years. It seems like online Thanksgiving deals can only benefit retailers by adding to their Black Friday revenues.

This seems logical because the best discount shopping sites will attract shoppers who traditionally stay home to avoid Black Friday crowds. On the other hand, people who have always enjoyed brick and mortar Black Friday shopping will most likely continue their post Thanksgiving traditions of competing to be among the first through the doors when the clock strikes midnight.

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