Turning Your Cleaning Into a Charitable Cause

Organizations that accept clothing donations

Every morning, we take a look inside our closet to see what we can wear to work, church, or school that day. Every night, we pull out our drawers and look through endless mounds of clothes and pajamas. What would happen if everybody donated the clothing they no longer wear, all year round? You have no idea the impact you could make on a woman, man, or child’s life when they need it most. You may ask: Where can I donate clothes? You may lead a busy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impact. Local donation pick ups may be able to help you even when you have the busiest schedule.

Pick up clothing donations are becoming a thing of the future. This is because, local donation pick ups and other programs understand that clothing will go to waste if it doesn’t go to a good cause. Americans recycle about 15% of their clothing, but the rest of it hits landfills every year. Times are changing and we’re changing with them. In the 1930s, Americans only owned 9 outfits on average, but now they own about 30! What about those who don’t have proper clothing to wear out and about, to job interviews, or to family events with their friends? You could make a huge difference.

A Focus on Military Families

We have implemented a new program to help military families and Veterans in brand new ways. We understand the statistics that surround veterans and want to help in any way we can, and we want you to join us. In 2013, hundreds of thousands of veterans were unable to find work. While those same veterans fought for our freedom in America, we want to fight for them and suit them for any job interview with a fresh new look and confidence they need while going through these hard times.

Did you know that over 95% of Americans are making a difference and donate charitably in some way throughout their lives? We’re impressed with these rates and want to keep giving to those who need it. Help us make the biggest impact on someone’s life today.

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