Use These Three Tips to Become a Deal Savvy Online Shopper

Online pizza deals

Online shopping is becoming an increasingly popular way to shop for everything from dinners to holiday gifts. In fact, on Cyber Monday 2012, shoppers spent a total of 1.47 billion U.S. dollars– making this the biggest day for online spending of all time so far. Mobile shopping has also helped boost online sales; about 28 million Americans are mobile buyers. Interested in finding the best deals online with your computer or device? Here are three categories of shopping online deals sites worth checking out.

1. Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

One of the biggest secrets of online retail is that it can save you money on one consistent source of budgeting concerns– the grocery bill. The average family of four spends about $220 a week, and that doesn’t include take out or restaurant meals. Sites like Netgrocer, Peapod and Walmart Grocery help you find the food you want quickly and easily. Surf and enter coupon codes as you shop, save money by not walking around the store, and eliminate impulse buying. If you have a shopping list on a budget, make sure to peruse coupon sites to see if you’re eligible for any deals.

2. Best Online Discount Shopping Sites

Some of the biggest names you know online are often the cheapest; eBay and Amazon can be a great place for deals. Check there before clicking the final “yes” for a purchase elsewhere; even seemingly impossible-to-find items, like salt and pepper Russian nesting dolls, are on Amazon most times. Did you know that 47% of consumers rely on online reviews? We read one review that recommended Modenique discount store– so we typed in “Modenique reviews” and found that it had a 1.7/5 stars, and most reviewers noted it wasn’t overstocked items, but poorly manufactured ripoffs. Don’t trust everything you read– some people are paid to write scam pieces!

3. Other Bargain Shopping Sites

If that isn’t enough, try out daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. Or, go to, a directory of 167 different local daily deal sites that can connect you to the best discounts in your area. Right now, there are several cool discounts up on LivingSocial that are good for myself or for future Christmas gifts; there’s a solar powered phone charger for $29, and a $50 sushi restaurant voucher for an award winning restaurant, for only $25.

Where do you find shopping online deals?

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